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How Salesforce helped this California healthcare center elevate the patient experience

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Serving more than 30,000 inpatients and 450,000 outpatients each year, this leading California healthcare center is renowned for its specialized healthcare services and exceptional physicians and staff. They are a nationally recognized leader in healthcare advancements and the development of new treatments. 

But they knew the best way to continue to lead the country in top-notch healthcare meant they needed to innovate their systems and processes as well. That’s why they turned to Silverline to help elevate the patient experience — and cement them as a healthcare leader for years to come.

The need: Lack of data integration and consistency

The way this provider managed their data wasn’t keeping pace with their growth. With information spread across multiple systems, this healthcare center needed a platform that would make it easy for call center employees to surface all the patient data they need in one place. 

Employees at this healthcare center relied on separate systems for different types of customer interactions, making the interaction the central data point as opposed to the patient. As such, it was difficult to view, share, or analyze a consistent set of data on a patient basis. Employees were not easily able to reference past interactions when a patient called, which impacted both patient satisfaction and the quality and efficiency of service.

Their existing systems had not integrated well with each other historically — many integration points meant call center agents and doctors had to constantly switch between systems. They primarily used and would continue to use Epic technology, but also had other extraneous systems that they needed to push into Health Cloud to surface up information that they could use to improve their call center operations. 

Silverline helped keep the project on track, on time, and on budget, matching their current systems and implementing a new solution: Salesforce Health Cloud. 

The strategy: Unify data systems for a comprehensive patient view

The call center needed a system that would give them a 360-degree view of the patient, providing all the information they needed in a single place so that they could more quickly and effectively respond to calls. They wanted to be able to track previous appointments and look at the history of interactions with those particular members. This would help them identify when someone was a “white glove” member that needed more attention and care. 

Silverline deployed the initial instance of Health Cloud with a focus on: 

  • Introducing the Salesforce platform to the core set of call center agents
  • Replacing the existing patient management system 
  • Planning future phases where Health Cloud becomes the single source of truth for patient engagement, including workflows and case management for customer service and transactional customer requests

Silverline collaborated closely with the client’s third-party integration partner to ensure that the data transfer went smoothly, and our team acted as the lynchpin between all vendors on the project.

The results: Deeper engagement with patient community 

Salesforce Health Cloud provided the functionality to empower their team, and Silverline was the ideal implementation partner thanks to our comprehensive understanding of both the healthcare industry and Salesforce technology. 

With a holistic view of their patients, agents are able to cut down on interaction times. They no longer have to track down specific data points from various systems, and can immediately take action on the information available to them at a glance. 

Agents can provide better care because they have a complete picture of the patient’s health, including risk factors, social determinants, and medical history. This allows them to close gaps in care more effectively. Whenever they connect with a patient, the agent has an up-to-date record that notifies them if the patient needs to schedule a scan, check-in, or other important appointment, and the agent can schedule it directly in the system during that engagement. 

The functionality of Health Cloud helps call center agents do more at every touchpoint. The platform also allows this healthcare center to add different features in the future, and working with a partner like Silverline ensures that they have the technology they need to keep patients engaged and healthy.

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