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Splunk Salesforce Integration

A Splunk Salesforce integration will safeguard your data and secure your client relationships.

The cloud-based world runs on data. But data is useless without a solid understanding of its trends, impacts, and meaning.

Monitoring made easy

Monitoring and protecting data is more critical than ever. Especially when it comes to fostering client relationships and safeguarding their information.

Event monitoring includes over 40 different event types that describe each of your users’ activities in Salesforce. These events (user clicking, tapping, or scrolling on a page; knowledge article views; downloads, uploads, and previews; etc.) are logged and stored within your platform, and often remain dormant or underutilized.

API-based access to event log files allows you and your IT team to analyze and visualize events. Event Monitoring data can be easily imported into data visualization and application Monitoring tools. 

And with the right tool, you can extend functionality and unlock new insights. 

Enter Splunk.

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Why Splunk?

An effective error-logging platform, Splunk lets users automatically collect and inspect data from any Salesforce object — including the event log API. 

Analyzing at this level, IT gains improved insight into your Salesforce platform and its activities as a whole.

Salesforce Splunk Integration

The benefits of integrating Splunk and Salesforce

What else can Splunk help you accomplish?

A Splunk Salesforce integration provides improved capabilities for:

  • Analyzing trends
  • Monitoring operational activities
  • Understanding user behavior

With the integration you can also access extensive reports and dashboards for:

  • Application management
  • Adoption and usage analytics
  • Security monitoring

Admins can collect different types of data from Salesforce using REST APIs, such as:

  • Event log files
  • Output of SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language)

Splunk can also easily understand JSON data structures and index JSON fields.


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Security matters now, more than ever

Silverline offers a number of technology-enabled advisory services and workshops that bring your team together with our industry experts and security architects. Get a better understanding of your Salesforce options and align them to your organization’s existing security posture, analyze potential risks in your Salesforce environment, and create a roadmap for the work ahead.

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Why choose Silverline?

Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience serving financial services organizations, including banking and lending, insurance, wealth management, and capital markets firms. Our consultants specialize in these verticals and often come with first-hand experience in these industries.

With our combined industry and technical expertise, we can deliver a solution that fits industry best practices and also meets your unique needs.

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