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Salesforce Security Services

In order to help our clients with their Salesforce security journey, Silverline offers a number of technology-enabled advisory services.

In the age of digital transformation, security is a top priority. But all too often, the proper security measures aren’t in place to protect important company and client data.

We’ve never seen a disruption like this to security and compliance policies before COVID-19.

Silverline has more than a decade of consulting experience for highly regulated industries — and we can say with absolute certainty that security and compliance are more important than ever.

What it means for you

Salesforce constantly evolves to support your business, and your security requirements need to evolve along with it — particularly as workforces shift to working remotely.

Businesses must enable workers to access sensitive data quickly and securely so they can perform at their best — no matter where they may be working. The amount of sensitive data stored in the cloud adds another complex layer of security standards that need to be met and mitigated. Security policies must now also support WFH, in-office, and hybrid workforces.

While Salesforce is a highly secure platform, under the Shared Responsibility Model, customers are still responsible for the data that goes into their applications. How can you ensure your business is secure? We will support you through a backlog of issues you may have already identified. And we’ll help you uncover unknown threats and build strategies to rapidly remediate their risks.

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Why security matters now, more than ever

A robust Security Operations program implements security controls properly and proves compliance with your security and regulatory policies. Done well, Security Operations enables your team to deliver superior support, ensuring client trust. Done poorly? You risk losing more than just trust. We know that companies today are concerned about security breaches. And we know you have big questions.

Our Workshops

In order to help our clients with their Salesforce Security journey, Silverline offers workshops that bring your team together with our industry experts and security architects. These workshops help clients understand their Salesforce options and align them to their organization’s existing security posture, analyze potential risks in their Salesforce environment, and create a roadmap for the work ahead.

Security Risk Assessment

The Security Risk Assessment is typically a three-week engagement that brings together a cross-functional team of Silverline experts and client stakeholders to perform a Salesforce security audit. Together, we review your organization’s current state, cover regulatory requirements, and educate the team on new and existing Salesforce security and compliance features.

The workshop focuses on the six major pillars of a strong Security Operations strategy:

  • Data Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Integration
  • Security Model (authorization)
  • Access Control (authentication)
  • Monitoring and Insights

Then, we create a prioritized action plan outlining strategies and tactics to reduce risk, plus best practices for long-term success. 

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Salesforce Shield Implementation

No matter if your organization is looking to enable Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, or Field Audit Trail, Silverline can help.

After reviewing available Shield security features, we work hand in hand to remediate what we can right away and develop a prioritized action plan to address more complex remediation needs post-workshop.

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Read the Salesforce Security Risk Assessments datasheet

Whether your team is new to Salesforce security, has been innovating on the cloud services platform for some time and needs guidance, or needs to implement Shield our workshops are for you. Our workshop attendees often include leaders and subject matter experts from InfoSec, Compliance and Risk, your Salesforce COE team, and business power users that really understand what data goes into Salesforce from day to day.

Your team will walk away from each of these workshops armed with a deep knowledge of Salesforce security features and a Shield Implementation Playbook. You can hit the ground running with your new, Salesforce-compliant action plan.

Download our datasheet to learn more about our workshops.

Capital Markets & FinTech Summit: The Crosshairs of Innovation: The Emerging Role of Security and Compliance

How do you know if Salesforce meets your compliance requirements while allowing for robust innovation? How do you align your Salesforce implementation to your security posture? It all starts with data governance.

This video session features a deep dive into the ways that Salesforce, the lifecycle of client data, and regulatory compliance can all effectively – and peacefully – co-exist. You’ll walk away with tangible next steps for securing your data, like classification, user access management, encryption at rest, and compliance and audit reporting.

Watch the Summit

How Legal & General America Up-Leveled their Security with Salesforce

Legal & General America (LGA) has provided life insurance and other financial services to Americans for more than 70 years. Despite its notable history, the company became burdened with legacy systems. Four years ago these systems weren’t able to meet the moment for LGA’s fintech growth ambitions. LGA needed certainty that their data security complied with financial industry standards.

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