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Capital Markets & FinTech Summit: The Crosshairs of Innovation: The Emerging Role of Security and Compliance

innovation summit

Companies are leveraging Salesforce in new ways and innovating broadly on the platform to grow their businesses and increase market share. Supporting that innovation requires prodigious amounts of data, most of it sensitive in nature, to provide more personalized client experiences and market insights. How do you know if Salesforce meets your compliance requirements while allowing for robust innovation? How do you align your Salesforce implementation to your security posture? It all starts with data governance. A strong data governance program ensures appropriate controls throughout the innovation lifecycle to meet internal and external regulatory needs.

This session features a deep dive into the ways that Salesforce, the lifecycle of client data, and regulatory compliance can all effectively – and peacefully – co-exist. You’ll walk away with tangible next steps for securing your data, like classification, user access management, encryption at rest, and compliance and audit reporting. RevCult shares top industry insights about access and data security, and what questions to ask your Salesforce team to ensure strong alignment to your firm’s security posture and innovation roadmap.




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