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Salesforce DevOps Services

Drive development productivity and enable continuous innovation.

Salesforce gives organizations the ability for continuous, scalable innovation and growth so businesses can adapt quickly and securely to new priorities. As businesses grow, so too will their needs, and a flexible Salesforce org keeps the engine humming.

But errors can (and do!) happen, and this is all the more likely for organizations with larger and more complex development projects. Having the right systems in place to prevent or rollback errors, and shorten the development lifecycle makes sure that businesses can capture the full value of their Salesforce implementation. 

Silverline’s Salesforce DevOps services empower optimized, scalable, and reliable development operations. This allows organizations to minimize errors, but still adapt and innovate quickly in the long run.

Salesforce DevOps Components

Release Management with Gearset and Copado

Gearset and Copado, leading DevOps tools and Silverline partners, handle release management and Salesforce deployments with easy-to-use UIs. Built for organizations of all sizes and complexities, these tools’ DevOps best practices and frameworks will improve your organization’s deployment success.

Deciphering DevSecOps for Salesforce Teams

As DevOps becomes more familiar to the Salesforce ecosystem, some teams are beginning to wonder about DevSecOps — a concept that has been trending in the wider world of software development. DevSecOps emphasizes the need to make sure security isn’t ignored when bringing together the people, processes, and tools for development and operations, helping organizations innovate faster and release more often.

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How LGA Up-Leveled their DevOps with Salesforce

Legal & General America (LGA) has provided life insurance and other financial services to Americans for more than 70 years. Despite its notable history, the company became burdened with legacy systems. Four years ago these systems weren’t able to meet the moment for LGA’s fintech growth ambitions. LGA also needed to improve their DevOps processes as the complexity of their projects increased.

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Legal & General

Stay Updated with Salesforce DevOps

Unlike an implementation project, DevOps isn’t something that is one and done. Salesforce continuously improves their developer and deployment automation tools, which means your DevOps process can continually improve, too. 

Silverline’s managed services helps you keep up to date with changes to Salesforce to make sure you’re never left behind. We ensure that your business continues to get the most out of Salesforce, and your users are able to serve and engage with your clients in the most effective ways.

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