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Deciphering DevSecOps for Salesforce Teams

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By placing security at the heart of the DevOps practice, not only can organizations innovate faster and release more often, they can more mindfully and intentionally follow best practices for security and compliance. Learn how you can streamline your firm's Salesforce development workflows in a secure manner.

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Over the last few years, more and more Salesforce teams have been moving away from org-based development towards DevOps, so they can collaborate more easily, manage multiple workstreams, and deliver projects quickly and incrementally.

As DevOps becomes more familiar to the Salesforce ecosystem, some teams are beginning to wonder about DevSecOps — a concept that has been trending in the wider world of software development. DevSecOps emphasizes the need to make sure security isn’t ignored when bringing together the people, processes, and tools for development and operations, helping organizations innovate faster and release more often.

Deciphering DevSecOps for Salesforce Teams, our new eBook created in collaboration with Gearset, the leader in Salesforce DevOps, breaks down why companies should keep DevSecOps top of mind as they accelerate their digital transformation. We detail how to make security a partner to the business instead of an obstacle, enhancing collaboration throughout the development process to ensure usability isn’t unduly impacted by security requirements.

In this eBook, we’ll walk through:

  • The basics of DevOps and DevSecOps and why they matter for your business
  • A DevSecOps playbook outlining best practices for building a strong DevSecOps foundation
  • The specific tools and processes that will help mitigate security risks

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