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Asset Management Pipeline Explorer

By 12.06.16
Reading time: 2 minutes

Are you an Asset Manager who wants more from your CRM?  Are you having trouble getting a clear picture of everything going on with potential business?

Seeking and obtaining new business from new clients has its challenges. There is an added challenge when it comes to existing clients. Understanding what is going on with business in flight helps asset managers, executives, and decision-makers obtain more business. These insights can influence whether to involve specialists or key influencers or to allocate resources to help close more business.

If you are a team lead or team manager, you want to know which reps are successful and which are not. You want to know what each rep is working on.  These insights will provide a pulse of potential opportunities and allow you to monitor the progress of your reps.

Our Wave Analytics dashboard can help you solve these challenges by providing you with a holistic view of your business.

Asset Management Pipeline Explorer

You can understand what reps are working on and what new business is in flight. You can also measure the success of investment and product strategies.

From a management perspective, this dashboard can provide visibility into what reps are working on and gives you the ability to slice and dice by:

  • Stage
  • Region
  • Sub-Region
  • Account Type
  • Industry
  • Asset Class
  • Consultant
  • Source of business

Are you getting the insights from the data being produced by your CRM investment? If not, contact us.

This blog originally appeared on SF for You, a blog by Silverline Technical Architect Gean Martinez. 

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