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Salesforce Wave Analytics for Personal Fitness Metrics

By 12.22.15
Reading time: 2 minutes


Salesforce Wave Analytics requires just two things to provide valuable insights.

1) Data
2) A reason to analyze the data.

Over several years of hitting the gym, I have changed up my workout routine in an effort to improve my appearance and strength. At times, I can see great results; other times, not so much. The best advice I can give to those looking to reach their fitness goal is to log your workouts. I have been using a great smartphone app on my Android device called JEFIT. Using the app, I can set up my workouts, add the exercises that are part of my routines and quickly log each workout and set every day.


Why Log?:
The whole point of logging your workout is to be able to gain insights from the data. I see this concept everyday in my work as a Salesforce architect. Companies collect data using Salesforce but are challenged to find a way to gain insights and take action. The JEFIT app does give you some aggregated information based on your workout logs, but I found it to be limited.


The Solution:
The power of Salesforce Wave Analytics solves this problem. In about 1 hour, I was able to extract my workout logs from the JEFIT application and pump it into a developer Salesforce org’s wave analytics application. I now have a tool that allows me to see my progress and results in an appealing way. As a self-service data discovery tool, I can explore my workout dataset and start to ask new questions. Imagine gaining this same type of insight for your critical business needs.


Insights Gained:
With the power of Salesforce Wave Analytics, I can see my most and least popular exercises. I now know on which exercises I need to focus. I can see my workout distribution by Workout Name/Body part. This allows me to see if I need to work on proportional symmetry of some body parts or increase the intensity in a particular workout. For a given workout or exercise, for any time span, I can see a trend of exercises logged, weight records broken and total weight lifted over that time span. This data helps me determine if I am getting stronger, keeps me consistent and know when to celebrate when I achieve my goals.

This blog originally appeared on SF for You, a blog by Silverline Technical Architect Gean Martinez. 

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