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Why Should Insurance Carriers Integrate Their ATS with Salesforce?

By 06.09.20
Reading time: 2 minutes

No matter your target hire, to activate your strategy and identify and attract talent, digital tools and intelligent network mining will play critical roles. An appropriate attraction strategy must include social and mobile/SMS strategies to reach and engage key target resources.

Your recruiting function may leverage a type of CRM of their own called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). If you leverage a standalone ATS, most have mobile applications, integrated job postings, and resume management functions. Integrating your ATS with Salesforce could supercharge your recruiting efforts and also pay dividends when onboarding and account planning. Combining your ATS with Salesforce allows you to fully realize the value of your contact data. Former clients and partners could be future employees!

Integration with Salesforce adds value but so does the use of core Salesforce capabilities to engage future agents, allowing for greater value from your Salesforce investment. We have seen with many of our clients that candidate recruitment and onboarding processes are frequently completed offline with little line of sight for both the internal teams and the candidate to understand candidate status. If your candidate data can be accessed by Salesforce, you benefit from the ability to leverage Salesforce marketing capabilities to drive campaigns and contacts (opt in/opt out) and measure responses, just as you do with clients. For instance, one Marketing Cloud or Pardot drip campaign — including social targeting, email, and SMS when appropriate. 

Salesforce as an ATS

We frequently work with clients who leverage a separate ATS outside of Salesforce. However, if you don’t currently have a centralized system where you are tracking applicants through the recruiting process, it is also possible to use Salesforce as an ATS. There are a number of third-party AppExchange products that bring applicant tracking functionality to the platform with little necessary customization. It is also possible to build ATS functionality and workflow directly on the platform through declarative configuration. 

Depending on the complexity of your process, the Salesforce platform can easily be configured to capture candidate information and track interactions throughout the recruiting and onboarding process. Using Salesforce you can increase efficiency and reduce the rekeying that frequently happens when manually tracking applicants.

Salesforce enables organizations to automate business processes, including recruitment. Architected properly, Salesforce has the potential to digitally transform the recruitment function and talent management as a whole. If your organization is not currently leveraging an ATS you should seriously consider leveraging Salesforce as your solution — and we can help you get started.

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