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Salesforce 2017 Connected Patient Report: Patient/Member Communities

By 07.05.17
Reading time: 2 minutes

In May 2017, Salesforce commissioned its 2017 Connected Patient Report survey to understand how “Americans communicate with their healthcare providers, insurance payers, and pharmaceutical Firms.” I recently discussed the overall results in the context of the Silverline Healthcare Accelerator Patient Contact Center. Now, I’d like to share with you Silverline’s Patient/Member Community templates.

Less than one-third of patients have access to portals from their healthcare or insurance providers to view their current health records (1). Of those that do, less than thirty percent actively use their portal while many healthcare organizations struggle to document the Meaningful Use Stage Three adoption rate of just five percent (2). Another 28% still keep their records in a folder, shoebox, lockbox, drawer or other home-based physical storage method (3). One challenge is that most healthcare networks are made up of providers and facilities that do not share an EHR, and hence do not have a single portal where a patient can access multiple systems and communicate with an entire care team. Nearly three-quarters of health insured Americans say it’s important that their health insurance provider uses modern communication tools — such as a web portal, live chat/instant message, and two-way video — for communicating (4).

Silverline’s Patient/Member Community templates create the foundation for enhanced patient/member engagement by bringing scheduling, event registration, referral status and even video conferencing to life regardless of EHR’s or systems requiring integration.  It’s the vehicle for delivering educational content or allowing patients/members to upload documentation, fitness device data.  It can streamline complex processes and allow patients, family members, and care teams to collaborate and communicate in real time.  Whether It’s onboarding a patient to a program with a series of pre and post procedure tasks or guiding a cancer patient through the journey to recovery, a patient/member community can be an invaluable tool for increasing patient compliance and satisfaction.  Creating and utilizing a mobile app to access the community is essential.

Facilitating ongoing communication between patients and physicians via apps and online portal can improve engagement rates by 60% or higher (5). Mobile-friendly communication is crucial for patient engagement, as people use a mobile device or tablet for 57% of email opens (6). Silverline’s Patient Portal templates work to engage patients and deliver messaging, education and collaboration in a manner that increases patient/member satisfaction. After employing multimedia programs meant to help patients understand complex health information or information regarding self-care or upcoming procedures, 86% of 29 participating hospitals improved doctor-to-patient communication, and 69% improved their overall rating by 4% or more (7). Patients plugged into an online portal were more likely to receive preventative tests and screenings, including nearly one in nine patients more likely to receive colorectal cancer screenings and a slightly higher rate for mammogram screenings (8).

To learn more about Silverline’s Patient/Member Community templates, contact us at 800-353-0893 or online.

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