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Salesforce for Patient Engagement

A bundle solution for patient engagement and satisfaction.

The transition to more consumer-driven healthcare has made every interaction between a patient and your organization even more critical to ensuring the highest level of engagement and satisfaction. Knowing where to start when incorporating CRM into a patient access center is a key component… one that can be challenging. What use cases increase patient satisfaction? What types of engagement drive downstream revenue? How do you build a foundation that gives you a smarter start while building an enterprise CRM strategy?

Starting with Salesforce Health Cloud, Silverline has created a Salesforce for Patient Engagement solution to give providers a prescriptive, proven, and cost effective approach to delivering patient engagement while maintaining care delivery that is rightsized to the current healthcare environment.

salesforce patient engagement bundle

Digital Patient Engagement & Marketing

As consumers become patients, they demand more from the healthcare experience through convenient, quick, patient-centric touchpoints and technologies. That entails:

  • Consumer-to-patient conversion and onboarding
  • Context-specific patient communication
  • Patient retention and loyalty journeys
  • Patient satisfaction journeys
  • Multi-channel engagement touchpoints
  • Patient outreach, reminders, and follow-up

good patient experience is no longer the end goal; care gap journey management, chronic condition management, and other long-term relationships between provider and patient provide opportunities to transform the patient experience from good to great.

What's included in the bundle for Salesforce Patient Engagement?

We chose use cases that are common pain points for healthcare organizations, and that also demonstrate ROI — from downstream revenue to patient satisfaction.

Common challenges addressed by the Patient Engagement solution

  • Poor visibility and data tracking. Difficulty understanding the unique touchpoints for a patient within the healthcare system. Limited access to consumer, patient, and provider data via encounters, claims, social media, website usage, and patient satisfaction.
  • Disparate systems. Essential processes (call scripting/guidance, scheduling, referral management, insurance verification, nurse triage, care coordination, provider network management, etc.) split across separate systems, impacting agent and coordinator productivity.
  • Inefficient workflows and siloed knowledge. Inability to streamline and drive more standardization during and after the engagement workflow, and prolonged follow-up times or case closure leading to limited agent productivity. Lack of visibility into other service lines, provider and facility attributes, or program FAQs — hampering the ability to provide first-call resolution.
  • Capped agent and coordinator enablement. Inability to capture customer preferences, best practices, and guidance/knowledge to improve patient onboarding and efficiency, as well as capitalize on patient interactions to improve service education and drive greater engagement and outcomes.
  • Diminished patient experience. Decreased ability to ensure high customer satisfaction and engagement for all interactions and streamlined inquiry/case/incident resolution. Lacking continuity of interactions across programs, service lines, and providers.
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Patient Engagement Solution

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