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4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Intranet Solution

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A recent study from Harvard Business Review reveals that attributes of top performing companies include: collaboration, honesty, innovation and agility. With the right intranet solution, you can strengthen these aspects of your business. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing an intranet platform:

7 Tips to Create an Awesome Wellness Program



As wellness becomes a more formal staple within the Healthcare landscape, and business environment, we are hearing from clients and participants of wellness programs about the components that would truly enhance their experience.

Given our role as a cloud solution company, we then start thinking about wellness not just from a process and health information standpoint, but also from the technology angle. So what are some of the cool things that are possible?

Below is a brief list of some of the exciting things that technology can help promote in wellness to design truly immersive and engaging programs.

5 Tips for a Successful Dreamforce 2014


Whether you’ve already decided to attend Dreamforce 2014 or you’re still on the fence (perhaps this discount code can sway you?), the thought of attending an event this size can be intimidating. Luckily, our team is sharing tips for the ultimate Dreamforce experience! 
This expertise comes from some of Silverline’s most seasoned Dreamforce attendees:
  • Gireesh Sonnad – Partner at Silverline; 5 time attendee
  • Kai Yu Hsiung – Chief Revenue Officer; 5 time attendee
  • Jill Harrison – Practice Director; 8 time attendee
  • Nicole Widder – Principal Consultant; 8 time attendee 

Salesforce Financial Services User Group August 7th!



Mark your calendars! The next Salesforce Financial Services User Group is August 7th. The meeting will be hosted virtually and in person at Silverline’s new headquarters (860 Broadway, 5th Floor, NYC). Click here to register.

Discussion will focus on features in the Salesforce Summer ’14 release as well as sharing and security concerns. Both Salesforce and Silverline will have financial services experts on hand to answer your questions. All levels of Saleforce expertise are welcome to attend.


Silverliner Wins Salesforce Summer of Hacks!



The Salesforce Summer Hackathon Series came to NYC this past weekend and challenged participants to create a Salesforce1 Mobile App. With bragging rights and cash prizes on the line, Silverline Technical Architect Wes Weingartner, set out to create an app that reinvents teaching.

Wes, along with team members, Melissa Corto & Brian Oconnell, dubbed the app Teacher Mod. The tool helps teachers track the specific strategies they use when working with special needs students.

Are Mobile Applications Useful in Healthcare?


Cloud computing and mobility concept

I am not an avid Apple product user, but the line “there’s an app for that” (which I believe they ultimately trademarked) holds true in most circumstances.

Recently, it seems that new apps with the most publicity do not solely focus on novel solutions to problems, instead they represent modifications to prior concepts and do it with a snazzier UI, greater efficiency, or just a more robust offering.

As mobility and apps become the go-to method for data collection, interaction, and communication, it becomes more critical that apps actually deliver on their proposed value proposition – especially in Healthcare. Within Healthcare, there is a tremendous influx of mobile health apps, further magnified by wearables, that allow users to track health data – heart rate, steps, BMI, check-ins, calorie trackers, etc. Check out this infographic for some staggering and insightful statistics. Who knew there were 97k + apps related to health and fitness?!

This suggests that greater access to data and information leads to better results. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Data is only as good as its utilization.

Silverline Achieves Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer Certification

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Salesforce Product Development Parnter

Salesforce has accepted Silverline into it’s Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) program. So what does it mean to be a PDO? It means that we know the Salesforce platform inside and out.

Our kick-ass development team has previously created and supported our own 3 top apps, and we are already working with others on their apps. Whether you have a full design for a new software product, or just a great idea in your head, we are ready to help you turn it into reality.

“We are thrilled to become a Product Development Partner,” said Gireesh Sonnad, Founder and Partner Silverline. “It reflects our continued dedication to the Salesforce Community and to providing innovative and exciting products and services.”

Top 5 Apps for Salesforce Consultants

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Although there is an endless supply of blog posts related to “top apps” on the AppExchange, the goal of this post is to give a more results-driven take on some apps and packages that I, along with some of my peers, go to time and time again. You may know some of these apps already, but hopefully I’ll add some additional “color” around why these apps are so powerful. Most of the apps listed below fill in, what I feel, are gaps in standard Salesforce functionality.

Having worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for a few years now, I have seen an upward trend in apps and packages that write data to Salesforce objects as reference data to define business requirements/processes. Most of the time, the apps use this reference data to make decisions or perform some pre-defined functionality.

Here are the top 5 apps for Salesforce Consultants:

Silverline Webinar: Healthcare, the cloud and its security



As Michigan Health Information Network’s (MiHIN) implementation partner for the Shared Services solution, Silverline was a proud sponsor of Connecting Michigan for Health 2014.

Over the course of three days, conference attendees heard from healthcare thought leaders and experts from Michigan and around the nation as they shared best practices and ideas about current and future developments within the health information sector. Attendees gained insight about current issues facing statewide HIE efforts and how public and private organizations are working together to overcome data sharing barriers, reduce costs, and ultimately improve population health.

I presented a session on Healthcare, the cloud and its security that we’re offering as a Webinar on Tuesday July 8th at 2pm EDT.

Create a Social Intranet With Embedded Content Your Employees Will Love

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From sneakers to sandwich orders, we’re living in a world where anything can easily be customized to fit your wants and needs. The team at Silverline believes that business applications should be the same. That’s why we built our social intranet app, The WaterCooler, with customization top of mind.

Everyday I help The WaterCooler customers design an intranet to fit their business needs. The app has a Widget Library that helps admins easily create content. One of my favorite widgets is the Embedded Content Widget. Just like the name says, it allows you to embed content directly in The WaterCooler interface. Here are my top picks for embedded content your employees will love:

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