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Managed Services: What Happens After Go-Live

By 04.19.23
Reading time: 3 minutes

We’re continuing our coverage of common myths about managed services and providing you with all the info you need to take the next step to Salesforce success.

Last time we learned that managed services is more than staff augmentation. It’s innovative solutions and scalable, ongoing support tailored specifically to teams in need. We also highlighted how Salesforce managed services goes far beyond just Salesforce — encompassing all the apps it touches and then some. As we continue on our path of debunking managed services myths, let’s focus on what happens after go-live. 

Myth: If the implementation went great, there’s no need for managed services

Go-live is just the beginning of your journey. You’ve got a solution that’s built and ready for use. But it’s important that your team understands how to efficiently own and operate your instance of Salesforce. There will be growing pains along the way, and a specialized support and innovation team can help. There’s the fundamental administration aspect of it; as your team requires more organized, efficient care and feeding of your Salesforce Org. Org administration is an important skill set to build, and it’s a part of the journey we can support. 

As the fundamentals become second nature, you’re also still running a business. You want to continually evolve your business process, your business itself, and realize continual growth. That automatically signals changes in the tools that support you in the process. 

We also help establish the appropriate level of project management and governance for your organization. That might include everything from framework and continuous integration, to release management and environment management, even agile methodology. 

Salesforce is continually evolving. Your business doesn’t stay the same. So why would the tools you use stay the same? If you want to continue to innovate and grow, you need to continue to innovate and grow internally with your tools, your processes, and your teams.

Myth: Managed services is just keeping the lights on for your CRM solution

Managed services provides you with a team that’s on or even ahead of the cutting edge of new releases and already using them in similar (or even dissimilar) capacities across other organizations. And they can show you how they can apply to your business as well.

You’ll also learn things you didn’t know about your organization through the use of more advanced toolsets. Presuming you’re moving to Salesforce from something that was outdated or disparate — you’re going to learn about your business through the actual use of your new tool. Having a team available to you that understands where to pay attention and maximize learnings to evolve your Salesforce environment is important. That’s where you start to increase your use of the tool, the value of the tool, and therefore, your ROI on the tool.

The cost of Salesforce is the cost of license renewal. That cost continuously covers improvement. You’re going to keep paying for it, so you may as well stay at the forefront of its functionality and realize its value.

Silverline Managed Services is designed to learn your business and focus on impact, help you adapt to changing business needs, and keep you on track for long-term success.

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