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At-Home Scavenger Hunt: How Silverline Shelters in Play

By 04.10.20
Reading time: 3 minutes

At Silverline we have seven core values, and as Office Manager one of my favorites is “Try to have fun.” I love coming up with new ideas and events that bring us all together to relax, have fun, and celebrate personal and work achievements.

Due to COVID-19, we are now all working remotely, and it can be a difficult adjustment. During this time we want to make sure that we are still keeping to our values by having fun and interacting with one another beyond talking about the news or work. Last month, we had our first-ever “At-Home Scavenger Hunt.” It was a huge success, and great to interact with everyone in such a fun and positive way. 

Eyes on the prize

Every hour on the hour(ish) I would post the next item to find. The first to post a picture won a prize. We started with a cactus:

We asked for seashells from vacations (and were happy to see entire families getting in on the fun):

We asked for pets showing off their tricks — although there were some who did not want to participate: 

We searched for sports memorabilia:

Our scavenger hunt ended with a Friday happy hour as we all scrounged up our favorite drink of choice (cocktails and mocktails alike):

Our Chief People Officer Lisa Dallenbach said, “Our culture is far stronger than a virus! The scavenger hunt was an opportunity to showcase our authentic selves and our effort to stay silly in spite of it all. There we were in our Friday ponytails, glasses, and baseball caps running around our homes like crazy. Finding fun in the abnormal routine these days (we let our kids and dogs help out!) underscores how much we love a good time and a good competition of any kind.

Sheltering in place can be a burden on mental and physical health, so we were happy to have a little fun peppered in throughout our work day.

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