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Creating a More Sustainable Future with Silverline and Salesforce

By 04.21.23
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With each passing year, Earth Day becomes a more and more important event. Started in 1970 to encourage environmental preservation and protection, Earth Day asks us to look at how we are impacting the natural world around us and make changes that can benefit everyone — not just as individuals, but as a collective. 

This is why Silverline supports initiatives like Evertreen, which has designed a program that plants trees to offset carbon emissions and support local communities in an impactful way. We’ve started by planting 1,100 trees around the world, focusing on helping to restore the mangrove ecosystem and income generation along Kenya’s coastal areas, which are continually being affected by sea intrusion and natural disasters. The Silverline forest:

  1. Produces oxygen
  2. Removes CO2 from the atmosphere
  3. Creates an ecosystem for animals and plants
  4. Prevents soil erosion
  5. Creates work for local populations


As a Salesforce partner and member of the pledge 1% movement, we’re dedicated to the same goals that Salesforce has established for the larger ecosystem. Salesforce has publicly committed to achieving net zero residual emissions by 2050 since the Paris Agreement, and they’ve made big strides over the years:

  • 2017: Salesforce hit net zero residual emissions for operations and started delivering a carbon neutral cloud to their customers 
  • 2019: Started offsetting all emissions from business travel and employee commuting
  • 2021: Expanded boundary for net zero to include the entire value chain by reducing emissions, achieving 100% renewable energy for operations, and investing in high-quality carbon credits to help offset remaining emissions

A major aspect of Earth Day is education, and Salesforce’s Trailhead can be used as a learning platform for climate education, increasing access to job training and certifications for ecopreneurs while inspiring suppliers and peers to kickstart their own climate action journey. The Create A Sustainable Future trail breaks down strategies to help organizations make a positive impact and combat the effects of climate change, while the Design for Sustainability trail shows users how to apply design principles and best practices to the world’s most urgent challenges.

We hope that other organizations will be inspired to join us and use our plan as a blueprint for building a more sustainable future. Learn more about Salesforce’s Climate Action Plan. 

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