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Care Coordination Solution

Improve health outcomes with coordinated care.

Very few patients only see one doctor. They may have a PCP, but see a dermatologist every six months, see a chiropractor or physical therapist for a nagging knee injury once a month, and take care of their glasses prescription with an annual checkup at their eye doctor.

The healthcare industry is a specialized one. But that means it’s more important than ever to coordinate effectively between providers. Without effective communication and transitions, physicians risk at best redundant examinations and at worst, giving out dangerous combinations of medications or patient harm.

If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. Coordinate efficiently, avoid harmful mistakes, and improve patient outcomes — all powered by Salesforce technology.

Improved Communication with Salesforce

Salesforce provides an easy way to track patient communication so healthcare organizations can see activities, tasks, lab results, and more. Whether you’re a specialist confirming the referral notes or a call center agent looking to schedule their next appointment, you can easily see exactly what’s on file. And by integrating Salesforce with your EHR and other software, you can fully enable this by bringing relevant data into a single view.

Create Specialized Patient Journeys

Create customized patient journeys, tailoring your communication, care, and processes to the patient’s needs by focusing on disease-specific and specialty service lines.

Ambulatory Care Coordination

Fee for value means it’s more important than ever for clinicians to take a proactive approach, using risk stratification to close care gaps. For example:

  • Actively reach out and make use of defined care plans, standing order sets, and remote monitoring for high-risk patients. 
  • Set up disease-specific care plans and protocols (e.g. for asthma, congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes, hypertension), track these care gaps and associated referrals, and guide patients to the appropriate providers. 
  • Monitor lower-risk patients through risk assessments, documentation of barriers to care, or notifications of adverse events from a health information exchange. 

Easily track and access these campaigns through a single location within Salesforce using customized reporting and dashboards for an overview of processes and metrics.

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Specialty Care Coordination

Many healthcare organizations also specialize in specific service lines, like oncology, cardiology and heart surgery, gastroenterology, orthopedic surgery, and more. 

Many of these specialty lines involve multiple points of interaction that require seamless transitions with the patient. For chronic diseases like cancer or heart disease, nurse navigator programs can help guide patients through prevention, screening, and diagnosis, as well as referral management to coordinate imaging and treatment.

Meanwhile, surgeries like knee and hip joint replacement can be more effectively managed through patient education and outreach, using specific engagement protocols to assess post-op recovery, reduce complications, and prevent readmissions.


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Navigate Patient Referrals

Improve in-network referrals with a strong referral management system in place. Quickly and efficiently set up appointments, follow up on referral visits, and ensure proper information and documentation passes to the next provider. 

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Care is Complex. Coordinate Effectively.

As healthcare becomes more complex, care coordination becomes essential

Silverline’s best practice approach to patient engagement leveraging Salesforce Health Cloud, allows organizations to effectively navigate patients through whatever health challenges they may face by establishing a framework for activity, task, and communication tracking. With Salesforce, you can:

  • Ensure a patient is informed and engaged throughout the care journey
  • Navigate patient referrals, specialty care, and chronic illness
  • Establish onboarding programs by leveraging campaigns and other native consumer engagement marketing tools
  • Coordinate care between providers to create a streamlined, patient-driven experience

What can you do with the power of Salesforce?

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