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Your Provider Roadmap to Success: Engaging Consumers & Patients

By 09.01.17
Reading time: 3 minutes

This is the second in a series of Silverline POV’s focused on helping healthcare organizations, as providers of healthcare services to patients, be successful in five key areas as healthcare reimbursement models shift from fee for service to fee for value. Each one is focused on how to leverage the Salesforce platform and effectively navigate patients on their healthcare journey. These POV’s are based on my twenty years’ experience in healthcare and twelve years experience creating and operationalizing patient journeys utilizing Salesforce for large healthcare systems in Texas and Colorado at the physician group, clinically integrated network (CIN) and healthcare system levels.

Here are five areas we are exploring:

  1. Provider Relationship Management
  2. Consumer & Patient Engagement
  3. Ambulatory Care Coordination
  4. Transitions in Care
  5. Specialty Care Coordination

We will view these opportunities in the context of using Salesforce and leveraging Silverline’s suite of solutions and accelerators.

Consumer & Patient Engagement

The primary hub of communication between consumers or patients and a healthcare system is the Patient Contact Center (PCC). While many consumers search websites for their healthcare content, it’s important to offer opportunities to speak directly with healthcare professionals via phone, chat, or email. According to Salesforce’s 2017 Connected Patient Report, 80% of all patients communicate with their PCP via phone to schedule appointments. Millennials are twice as likely to use email and nine times more likely to use text to schedule an appointment. So, the first order of business is omni-channel support. Engage consumers shopping for healthcare services via campaigns, events, and websites. Offer appointment reminders via email or text. Create chat channels based on targeted web clicks. Silverline’s PCC Solution is designed to support multiple communication streams and, connected to your phone system via computer telephony integration (CTI), intelligently route calls to the appropriate agent based on past encounters, expertise, or language preferences.

The PCC, sometimes called a Patient Access Center (PAS), is the main conduit for consumers to enter your healthcare system and the primary tool in keeping patients loyal to providers. More healthcare organizations than ever are focused on the “patient experience”. Here’s a secret: Patients just want convenient, real time access to their providers, clinics, and support staff. That means after hours and on weekends. Most people do not have time at work to wait 30 minutes to speak with someone. Most people do not decide they need to see a doctor during business hours. If you want to create a better patient experience, fill your providers schedules and keep patients in your network, make your contact center 24/7. Cost effective? Absolutely! Replace your after hours answering service. Utilize nurse triage protocols to disposition patients to a PCP appointment in the morning vs. a midnight ED visit at your competitor. Prevent re-admissions by making proactive outbound calls to recently discharged patients with chronic conditions.

Utilizing Silverline’s PCC solution, the possibilities are endless. Expand your contact center service lines to include: find a provider, referral management, event registration, and nurse triage. Implement a concierge care model, providing access to defined patient groups such as at-risk patients or employer contract patients through unique channels. It is also possible to connect PCC with Marketing Cloud or utilize campaigns in Sales or Service Cloud to drive patient engagement through preventative care outreach, and targeted outreach based on diagnoses or chronic conditions.

Finally, consider creating a Salesforce Community for patients that include options for self-scheduling, patient-specific educational content, and the ability to upload documentation or even data from a fitness device. Silverline’s Lightning Bolt Template called ScheduleMe.Health can be used to display appointment availability and allow patients to choose and schedule appointments with providers. Availability can come from an EHR, scheduling system, or be created in Salesforce. Communities also offer a way for patients, and their caregivers to collaborate and communicate on tasks specific to their care plan.

In summary, Silverline, with its PCC solutions and accelerators, can provide a framework for increasing the loyalty of patients to your healthcare system while enhancing the consumer and patient experience. Learn how to engage with patients in their preferred communication method. Navigate patients through your healthcare system and track secondary referrals and patient satisfaction. Engage patients through Salesforce Communities to collaborate with and educate patients about their healthcare journey.

Download the Provider Roadmap to Success ebook to see how the five key areas come together to improve care and reduce costs.

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