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Salesforce Patient Access Solutions

Achieve more with an access center designed to improve patient engagement and loyalty while enhancing agent efficiency

Patients have come to expect the same experience in healthcare that they get in their daily lives as consumers, so providing a great patient experience is more important than ever. 


Patient access centers are especially scrutinized: patients want quick and convenient resolutions to their questions and concerns, while also imparting knowledge on how to better their health. They expect the agent on the other side to know who they are and have access to the information their provider already has about them. And finally, they expect the agent to tailor the conversation to their needs.


With a patient access solution where agents have a 360 degree view, all of this is possible.

Common challenges in patient access centers

Healthcare providers are often faced with difficulty understanding the unique touch points for a patient within the healthcare system. A successful patient access center requires a comprehensive view into patient data, such as claims, social media, website utilization, and overall patient satisfaction, to create a connected and enhanced experience.

Further, many of the processes that help improve the overall experience for patients and increase efficiency, are split across separate systems or applications. Such areas include: call scripting/guidance, scheduling, referral management, insurance verification, nurse triage, care coordination, provider network management, and more.

This negatively impacts agent productivity and user experience, causing:

  • Inefficient workflows and knowledge
  • Capped agent and coordinator enablement
  • Diminished patient experience

By leveraging a single platform, like Salesforce, to view this data, agents and coordinators can streamline inquiry/case/incident resolutions and provide more on the first call, with full visibility into patient interactions and provider relationships. Leveraging the data in Salesforce, they can turn incident calls into opportunities, and agents can identify care gaps to set additional appointments and provide a highly personalized, seamless patient experience. This will ultimately lead to higher patient satisfaction and better health outcomes.

Happy healthcare worker waving while working at medical call center.

Our patient access solutions include:

  • Referral Management

    Effectively consume, manage, and route inbound and outbound referrals to minimize leakage.

Patient access solutions with Salesforce

Silverline builds patient access solutions on the Salesforce platform, using Salesforce Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, AppExchange Partners, and other platform capabilities to create a customized, yet best-practice-proven, solution to fit your needs.

Many healthcare providers use point solutions to address specific needs, and while this can create value in the short-term, it creates long-term challenges with siloed data, lack of interoperability, inconsistent user experiences, and minimizes overall adoption and value.

By working through a single enterprise platform, and integrating specific applications —  either at a data or workflow level — providers can achieve a 360-view of patients, allowing agents to view data through a single pane of glass and improving agent productivity. It also allows providers to continue to improve their digital health experience through improved patient access, patient engagement, physician relationship management, care coordination, gaps in care, and more.

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