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Adding all activities on an account to an embedded visualforce pageCategorized in Feature SetupCategorized in Troubleshooting

Follow the steps below to show events/ tasks on an embedded account calendar where the event/ task doesn’t have the “related to” filled in but the “Name” is a contact on the account. This is possible using dynamic filters. Standard Salesforce shows those events/ tasks on the account even if the related to isn’t filled out because they are a contact on the account.

Step 1: Edit your event or task calendar

Step 2: Select the filter item in the calendar edit picklist.

Step 3: Add dynamic filters

  • Add “Related To” equals and then click “Dyn”
  • Add “Account” equals and then click “Dyn”
    **Note in this example Account was renamed to Organisation. if your accounts were renamed search for the the new label.

Step 5: Add the below code to a new visualforce page.

  • The hi lighted part will need to be changed to reflect the name of your calendars
Visualforce Code Example
div style=”min-height:250px;”>

<SLCA2:calendar namespace=”SLCA2″


edit            : true,
create          : true,
detail          : true,
move            : true,
hover           : true,
contextEvent    : true,
contextCalendar : true,
contextArea     : true,
cloneSharing    : true




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