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Summer 2021 v2.9.114 Release NotesCategorized in Release Notes

CalendarAnything Classic – Summer 2021 v2.9.114 release. This build includes several improvements and bug fixes.

Installation link for production org:


Filter Panel and Filter Sets

In My Display Settings – Special Settings several new new display setting were added:

  • Apply FilterSet to Quick Creation allows to default values defined in Filter Set to be pre-populated when new record is created.  Filter Set has to be turned on and field(s) that should be pre-populated are added to CalendarAnything create form in Step 5 of the calendar setup.
  • FilterSets AND/OR display setting will add AND/OR switch to CalendarAnything left side panel, and allow users to decide if CalendarAnything should use AND or OR logic when multiple filter sets are turned on.
  • When Required FilterSets display setting is enabled, calendar will not load and display data until at least one filter set is turned on.

To access Special Settings, click the My Calendars button and select the Display Settings option. On the My Display Settings tab, scroll down to the Special Settings section.

Month View

New Show Additional Fields display setting gives users ability to see information from additional fields that were added in Step 10 of the calendar setup.

Bug Fixes

All Views

WorkOrder.Id field added in Step 4 of the calendar setup is causing server error when loading CalendarAnything details popup.

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