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Creating and assigning custom CalendarAnything permission set for a Guest User

Salesforce is removing the View All, Modify All, Edit, and Delete object permissions on all objects for guest users in new and existing orgs. These permissions are removed for custom objects and standard objects. Guest users can only have Read and Create object permissions.

How does this change affect calendars published on sites?

Guest Site Users will receive an error message and will not be able to view the calendars. If the View All, Modify All, Edit, and Delete object permissions are part of a permission set or permission group and assigned to a guest user, then the guest user is removed from the permissions set or permission set group. Guest users also lose access to other permissions that are included in those permission sets and permission set groups.

CalendarAnything Default Permission Set includes Edit and Delete permissions for CalendarAnything custom objects. 

This is what your organization’s Salesforce admin will need to do before Spring’21 Release is applied to your organization to avoid service interruption for calendars.

  • Clone CalendarAnything Default Permission Set
  • Open newly created permission set
  • Go to Object Settings
  • Update object permissions for CalendarAnything custom objects to Read access








  • After the new permission set is ready, update Permission Set Assignment for all Site Guest Users

In Setup, go to Sites > click on Site Label > Public Access Settings > View Users > click on user’s Full Name > Edit Assignments (Permission Set Assignments)









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