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Scalable Covid-19 Solutions for Caliburn-Comprehensive Health Services

Founded in 1975, Comprehensive Health Services (Caliburn-CHS), a Caliburn Company, is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of workforce medical services. They partner with commercial companies and the U.S. government to implement and manage cost-effective, flexible, and customized medical programs for large and dispersed workforces.

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Founded in 1975, Comprehensive Health Services (Caliburn-CHS), a Caliburn Company, is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of workforce medical services. They partner with commercial companies and the U.S. government to implement and manage cost-effective, flexible, and customized medical programs for large and dispersed workforces.

Already a Silverline client, when the Coronavirus pandemic reared its ugly head, Caliburn-CHS knew they needed a  Covid-19 solution to help their employees and their customers manage their workforce. They called on Silverline to stand up a tailored solution to meet their needs — fast. The work was sufficiently different from our other projects with Caliburn-CHS, so we were able to scale up a focused team, bringing in additional resources to minimize impact on Caliburn-CHS’s core project while rapidly accomplishing this new engagement. Furthermore, we were able to decrease the complexity of the request by leveraging what we’ve developed for other Covid-19 solutions. Our partnership with Salesforce and their rapid response to the Covid crisis positioned us to move quickly in order to meet the need at Caliburn-CHS, providing an initial solution in a very short period of time.

Silverline had previously implemented five unique solutions for clients managing Covid-19 engagement and assessment. Some focused more on Marketing Cloud, others were contact centers, or Communities — whatever the need, our team has adapted to meet and exceed client expectations.

Building a customized, public-facing Covid-19 solution

Our initial Covid-19 Care Response offering centered around a call center to better enable nurse and intake coordinators in running through pre-screening assessments. A fundamental difference with Caliburn-CHS was the need to surface a public-facing community for their employees, customers, and customer’s clientele.

The public portal serves as the first step for individuals to fill out a self-assessment

Not only is Caliburn-CHS using this internally, but this is a new service they can offer to their global customer base of over 50 customers, some with their own client networks exceeding 30,000 individuals.

Our team stood up the Covid-19 solution with the capability for Caliburn-CHS customers to rebrand with different logos, different fonts, all on separate pages within Salesforce Communities. This allows Caliburn-CHS customers to use the solution for their own employees and clients. We also implemented contact tracing, which allows companies to track who may have come in contact with individuals presenting symptoms in order to better understand and mitigate how the virus spreads.

A look under the hood at the internal screens where nurses manage cases created from the assessment — including contact tracing.

Staying flexible amid rapidly changing requirements

The Silverline Care Response Team mobilized quickly to address the Caliburn-CHS need in just two weeks. Week one featured a rapid-build sprint with daily design reviews and prep for deployment. Week two focused on refinement and updates based on production feedback. Although phase one was ready to go live after a week, CDC requirements and protocols changed frequently, causing the implementation to continuously add new functionality to the solution.

Features included the ability to send users of one or more clients to a defined web page that contains:

  • Instructions on Covid-19 per client and CDC guidelines
  • Instructions on how to call for a nurse screening
  • Online self-assessment of their Covid-19 exposure and symptoms with branching disposition logic
  • Generation of a Return to Work case for tracking employees who exhibit symptoms
  • Automated case routing to Intake Queues with assigned nurses designated with follow-up workflow tasks
  • The ability for an Intake Coordinator or Nurse to conduct the assessment from within the system and create a return-to-work case for employees who do not have internet access or who choose to call in
  • 360-degree reporting on assessments, employee dispositions, return-to-work cases, contact tracing, etc.
  • The ability to provide client-specific reporting
  • Automated employee return-to-work document distribution

Dan Jones, Caliburn-CHS’s Medical Management Solutions Business Unit Lead, noted the importance of Silverline’s solution, saying “In an ever-changing environment such as what the Pandemic COVID-19 has become, it is incumbent upon companies like ours to rapidly develop and deploy medical management tools that are adaptive to situations that our clients face during uncertain times. The COVID-19 Employee Tracking and Assessment tool was designed to assist our clients in assessing and managing workforce health. Most importantly, it allows them to capture real-time data important to the work environment that will help them make informed decisions while protecting their employees, and their businesses.”

Silverline Sales Solution Architect Chris Hoffmeyer helped implement the Caliburn-CHS solution. “The heart of the Silverline Care Response Team is ultimately serving our community on the local, national, and global levels. We are all affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and we are privileged to have the opportunity to bring our gifts and talents of implementing best-in-class digital transformation solutions to help slow the spread, reduce the impact, and ultimately move towards the speedy recovery of our communities,” Hoffmeyer said.

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