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Deploying Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions In a Time of Social Distancing

By 03.19.20
Reading time: 4 minutes

Your organization, like many of our Healthcare & Life Sciences customers, is actively dealing with the challenges of balancing steady state operations, transformational initiatives, and now addressing the immediate impact of COVID-19 in your local community, state, or region — focused on finding ways to ensure you are optimizing and expanding your services, treating the ill, and converting confirmed cases of COVID-19 to recovered.

As such, we at Silverline want to detail how we are prepared to respond and support those in the Salesforce and Healthcare ecosystem. We’ve already indicated our involvement in partnering with Salesforce as a preferred implementation partner of their free Health Cloud offering.

Further, we wanted to outline our partnership model that ensures we can deliver solutions in scenarios where social distancing is the preferred engagement model for the near future.

The support you need — the way you need it now

Silverline is well positioned to deliver solutions, based on varying requests and limitations of on-site needs, with the following:

  • Nationwide, remote workforce. Silverline has resources throughout the U.S. with full remote capabilities. In fact, the vast majority of Silverline employees work remotely rather than in offices during the normal course of business. Our national presence ensures that we can partner with organizations wherever they are located. Our infrastructure enables access to all business critical systems. This includes Salesforce, as it’s cloud based and optimized for this mode of access. 
  • Adaptive delivery model. Our model of delivery, while often focused on onsite activities during the initiation of the project, is typically a virtual process. Therefore, the emerging need to be remote is no different than our standard approach. It just means it is even more critical that we establish the project charter, governance, and communication channels from the onset to ensure productive meetings, timely feedback, and constant value-driven prioritization.
  • Global capabilities. Silverline not only has a nationwide presence, but we also have a dedicated team in India that allows us to operate 24/7. This means that we can effectively push work to teams overseas during non-business hours in the U.S. — and the next day have results of specific use cases and development requests to review. This creates tremendously scalable efficiency. 
  • POV-driven development. While some customers prefer completely custom implementations, as Health Cloud has evolved and Silverline has engaged with hundreds of Healthcare customers, we have created very robust points of view and best practices as they relate to deploying Health Cloud. This means that we can immediately educate you on the what and how of implementation, align on the initiative, and pull forward development. Gone are months of analysis; instead, we can focus on how quickly specific use cases can be up and running.
  • Sub-vertical aligned industry experts. As your team of experts are focused on addressing immediate concerns — generally clinical and operational in nature — we are able to extend your internal resources by introducing team members that can help address topics related to your investments in Salesforce. This gives you the confidence and ability to scale without having to sacrifice quality.
  • Flexible allocation models. We also recognize that in a time like this, you may need to re-deploy your own resources to other priorities. That may leave critical systems, like Salesforce, with reduced staff. Our client services team allows us to provide various levels of guidance, support, maintenance, and net new build activities without the restrictions of a project. Need an admin for a few weeks? We can help. Need to ramp up reporting/dashboards to better understand your network and patients? Let us know.
  • Salesforce platform access. Salesforce, like other modern applications, is developed in a manner that is ideal for remote access, development, and improvement. Where/if other restrictions are in place, SIlverline can be flexible to ensure alignment with varying customer models. 

Salesforce use cases in light of COVID-19

While the reason to deploy Salesforce is not solely because of COVID-19, we did want to outline a few examples of how our customers are using it to immediately address these needs.

We have organizations that are doing the following:

  • Extending their Marketing Cloud instance to establish COVID-19 specific journeys or ad hoc communications, including the ability to focus on high-risk populations
  • Leveraging Health Cloud to develop custom scripts for patients seeking COVID-19 information or self-quarantine support via phone calls
  • Capitalizing on Silverline’s partnership with TriageLogic to allow for Nurse Triage, native to Salesforce, with Schmitt-Thompson and COVID-19 protocols

Extending beyond your immediate COVID-19 needs

However, if we think broader than COVID-19, the fundamental needs of health systems still continues to be an area where Salesforce can help support and ultimately lead to better preparation next time:

  • 360 degree-view of patients — clinical and non-clinical interactions
  • Holistic perspective of your provider network and their capabilities; how to efficiently deploy them
  • Robust capabilities to not only address and track inbound inquiries, but also quickly adjust workflow and processes based on demand and priority
  • Highly integrated communication journeys and tools across multiple channels
  • Approaches for strengthening, expanding, or adjusting relationships with patients, partners, and providers

More than ever before we are leading with our guiding principle — Better Together — to help Healthcare & Life Sciences companies thrive in an uncertain time. We are committed to being proactive, supportive, and empathetic about finding ways to help your organization rapidly extend or evolve your capabilities to address the COVID-19 challenge right now, while also preparing for future scenarios and success.


We wish good health to all of your employees, families, friends, and communities. We are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected], even if it’s just to seek advice or further information.

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