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Return to Work Solution

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For most companies, having to switch to a remote workforce was hard enough. No one could have imagined that returning to “normal” while keeping everyone safe would be an even bigger challenge.


While many of the solutions we deliver focus on client engagement and digital transformation, there is now an emerging need for organizations to safely reopen and care for their own employees. This need provides an opportunity for us to partner with you and your company by providing easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solutions for bringing your team back safely.

Silverline's Return to Work Solution

With the current state of the world, even something as simple as going back to the office requires innovations in both technology and administrative processes. To make this transition easier, Silverline delivers solutions that address:

  • team population management
  • building and floor capacity management
  • an RSVP reservation process
  • contact tracing within your buildings and work spaces.

Whether you’re looking for your employees, contractors, vendors, or visitors — our solution to return to the workplace has you covered.

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Capacity Management

One of the biggest components of safely and productively returning to work is following social distancing guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

With the power of CalendarAnything and the RSVP accelerator, you can actively manage your employee population along with the capacity for each of your locations and floor plans. This includes dynamic capacity allocation based on various criteria such as building, floor, team, day of the week, etc.

Staff can be divided into dedicated teams to eliminate cross-contamination potential, ensuring employees don’t overcrowd any one location. “Teams” are very flexible and customizable based on your organization’s needs. They can be grouped by different buildings, floors, areas, etc. and then show open availability dedicated to the space that they are assigned. Capacity for contractors and visitors can be defined and overseen separately by facility managers or admins.

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Contact Tracing

Automated risk management processes can be set up to initiate a case for employees and visitors who don’t meet criteria for entering an office building, or for those who self-report a positive Covid-19 test.

We support contact tracing by visualizing who was in the space at the same time as an employee or visitor who has tested positive, allowing your team to have a systematic process flow to manage each case type, mitigate risk, and demonstrate consistent case management. This keeps your team safe and gives you a birds-eye view of your teams. These safety protocols ensure the required actions are taken in regards to damage control, and reduces liability.

This Return to Work solution also facilitates the ability to track activities against cases as the employee moves through a Covid-19 case workflow. After connecting employees to their manager, they will receive notifications for reservations, cancellations, and case status updates.

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Employee and Visitor Office Reservations

Once capacity is defined, a calendar with available Return to Work options can be shared with employees and visitors. Those users select and self-register for days that fit within both capacity standards and individual schedules.

Once a time is selected, a custom registration form will be presented to the employee or visitor to fill out. Depending on the use case, you will be able to collect as much or little information as your policies dictate.

For example, a symptom survey can be presented in the reservation process. The answers provided can allow or prevent one from registering. Upon registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the registrant, which is also customizable and can be branded.

This Return to Work solution makes it easy for you to share key information. And it enables your employees to safely return to the office with confidence that their health, safety, and security is paramount.

Your staff and visitors can self-manage their registrations or “RSVPs” in real time through a user-friendly interface. The registration process is also fully mobile enabled.

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Integrates with

Silverline’s CalendarAnything and RSVP solution can integrate with Salesforce’s Workplace Command Center

Powered by CalendarAnything

CalendarAnything, the #1 calendar app on the AppExchange, is a fully customizable calendar compatible with standard and custom objects. In this instance, CalendarAnything supports your efforts in returning to work and your path to revenue recovery. However, CalendarAnything capabilities extend far beyond this use case.

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Return to Work with Silverline

Learn more about returning to work from experts in digital transformation and working remotely. We can help you confidently move forward and beyond the global pandemic by streamlining steps to creating a safe and productive work environment.

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