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Healthcare Digital Front Door

Digital transformation is the norm, not the differentiator.

As the impacts of COVID-19 reverberate across the healthcare industry, organizations must help patients recover — but also manage their bottom lines. Our clients tell us time and time again that they want to evolve the way they deliver care and services. Digital engagement will be the norm, not the differentiator, in this new model.


Enter the healthcare digital front door. 


The digital front door represents the growing expectation from consumers for seamless, easy healthcare experiences, often using technology already adopted in everyday use such as a mobile device. Providers, payers, and life sciences organizations must invest in the appropriate technology that allows them to meet this expectation. And it’s not just consumers that demand these new digital tools — it’s your employees. Why? Not just because it makes their job easier and more effective, but because they use these devices in their everyday lives, too.

As a society, we expect personalized, seamless experiences using our mobile devices and other easily accessible technology. The same focus on personalization, on demand, and self service that allow consumers to hail a car service, order delivery from a restaurant, or automatically restock basic toiletries is required and starting to occur in healthcare, too. Why should our healthcare system have any different expectations?

Healthcare Goes Mobile

The key to this digital transformation? Mobile.

Silverline’s approach to the digital front door in healthcare is to assist our clients with understanding the variety of options that exist in creating self-service, mobile, or digital experiences. This includes robust capabilities around UI/UX, data analysis, process improvement, consolidation of applications, and elimination of disparate entry points. 

There are many options to choose from, including hybrid apps leveraging Salesforce Mobile Publisher or native mobile apps. 

In addition to Silverline’s years of expertise in the healthcare industry, Silverline partners with organizations such as Trifin and their Enlyt Health for native apps, and have years of experience with Salesforce Mobile Publisher that allow us to guide our clients on their transformation journey.

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Benefits for patients

Even before the pandemic, patients sought new ways — often through virtual, digital, and self-service channels—to not only interact with providers and healthcare organizations, but also evolve the way in which services themselves were accessed to maximize efficiency. Why trek all the way to the doctor’s office for a simple sinus infection? 

Your patients expect:

  • A single point of entry and digital access to services and information, across applications
  • Minimization of barriers to care
  • The expansion of self-service capabilities and helping patients quickly and easily find information
  • Constant and accurate communication via preferred channels including proactive alerts, notifications, and updates
  • Timeliness of request, escalation, and inquiry management
  • Personalized and coordinated experience before, during, and after a clinical episode

Digital tools and core devices patients already use every day provide this path to increasing brand loyalty by helping them with tasks such as: identifying a provider, scheduling appointments, viewing test results, paying bills, and more. Silverline works with you to integrate your existing tools and implement new ones so the information you need to support these expectations is all in one place to help you increase patient engagement and satisfaction. 

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Benefits for providers

Providers want to focus on value over volume, but without the right tools, it’s increasingly a challenge. 

Providers need access to the right patient data at the right time and in the right format to provide the best possible care. Just like patients, providers want an emphasis on self-service, mobility, and agility so they can deliver on the promise of care anywhere, anytime, and of high value. 

With a digital front door strategy, they can:

  • Extend access beyond an organization’s facilities to where patients live, and support the various points in the patient’s journey
  • Promote flexibility and convenience for patients
  • Streamline provider interactions so much of the pre-appointment patient interaction is automated, saving time, so the healthcare team can deliver outstanding care during the visit

It all comes down to managing and maintaining data effectively. With Salesforce, providers can connect different systems and tools all in one place, creating a digital front door strategy that ensures a holistic and seamless experience. 

See how Silverline helps providers manage customer data and build a better experience with Salesforce.

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Whether through acquisition or expansion of capabilities, we are seeing the merging of providers with payer activities that requires the same focus on digital. 

From an operational standpoint, payers are investing in more robust, cloud based applications that deliver on renewed automation, intelligence, and relevance as they interact with members to address inquiries, needs, and requests. 

Payers are also evolving from not just providing insurance but to providing services. If a payer is now responsible for care management, pharmacy, or other benefits, it requires a very different set of tools and experiences for the members. With a digital front door strategy, members can improve access to:

  • In-network provider search
  • Estimated patient responsibility
  • Real-time updates to claims
  • Healthcare Services, not just Insurance
  • Proactive wellness and support 

See how you can manage these new responsibilities, streamline operations, and improve member access to a variety of services with Salesforce.

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Life Sciences

Those in the life sciences sector, which includes pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, offer services and value to both providers and patients. Life sciences companies play a balancing act of being a provider of both information and product, while also knowing their role is second to the patient/provider relationship. 

But the demand for a technology-driven customer experience doesn’t change. Patients and customers want a personalized experience tailored to where they are in the treatment journey and in a way that aligns to their communication preferences. 

Specifically for interactions with providers, life science companies need to: 

  • Provide answers to critical questions about treatment approach as approved by the FDA
  • Communicate important clinical trial efficacy and safety data of the medicine
  • Connect them to appropriate medical resources for medical questions
  • Collect product complaints and adverse events
  • Coordinate communication channel preferences of the provider between digital and in-person sales representatives
  • Provide clear and useful tools for patient support program enrollments and prior authorization submission when needed
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For patient interactions, life sciences companies must:

  • Create multiple channels of valuable information for patients who are interested in, just prescribed, or already on treatment
  • The ability to opt patients in to consent for future communications
  • Personalize communications based on patient information or online behavior to provide most meaningful content
  • Set up a personalized patient support program that is accessed in multiple mediums like web, phone, mobile app or traditional mail
  • Be a conduit and directive for the provider – that is, guide the patient back to the physician when certain questions, side effects, or needs arise — and then communicate to the physician what was done

Sound like a lot? It can be, but Silverline can help.

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