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Gain Valuable Insight from Silverline on Provider Trends at Dreamforce

By 09.18.18
Reading time: 4 minutes

Dreamforce 2018 is around the corner, and the Silverline Healthcare Practice team is ready to address some of the most pressing concerns in today’s healthcare provider environment. Schedule a meeting in the Silverline Lounge to connect with the team to discuss how those challenges can be addressed with Silverline’s Patient Engagement Center solution.

Here’s an overview of some of the priority areas the Patient Engagement Center addresses.

Healthcare Provider: Patient Access

Patient Access is the foundation for all patient encounters within a healthcare organization. The challenge is that the answer for one patient or one service line is not the answer for all patients and service lines. It’s important for healthcare organizations to meet the patients where they are in their healthcare journey and provide patient care options that meet their needs, overcoming any real or perceived barriers to care.

Clinical Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling clinical appointments can be a large challenge for hospitals, practices, and clinics. Silverline’s Scheduling Accelerator can address both centralized scheduling models and support self-scheduling. Agents can access real-time Provider and facility availability, provide automated email confirmations, and implement a range of self-serving scheduling capabilities for patients and Providers using a Lightning Bolt Community Template. Learn more about this accelerator.

Bariatric Surgery Journey Mapping

A growing use case in the Healthcare field, positive bariatric surgery outcomes start at patient acquisition, enrolling them in the Health Cloud Management Pathway. This step is crucial to allow for early intervention, overcome objections and barriers for the surgery, and create a positive and holistic environment to encourage patient compliance with provider recommendations and care plans.

Integration of Marketing Cloud means the patient will have all the information for their journey at their fingertips, from the qualification process to the dietary changes required. Provider Network Management builds facility and provider profiles in-network for the patient to pass through the cycle of care with the full engagement of the team, from primary to ancillary, with notifications and education every step of the way.

Healthcare Provider: Care Management

Care Management workflows are usually reserved for EHRs, but the vast majority of care coordination and patient journeys happen in the ambulatory care space, independent of the EHR.  Three key areas are telephonic nurse triage for at-risk patients, closing care gaps using marketing automation, and navigating patients through an oncology treatment journey.

Nurse Triage Accelerator

Silverline’s Nurse Triage accelerator allows nurses to navigate consumers and patients to the most appropriate place and level of care within a healthcare organization. It utilizes the gold standard for nurse triage: Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content. It seamlessly integrates into Salesforce Health Cloud cases and can track referrals to practices and facilities within the healthcare organization. Learn more about the Nurse Triage accelerator.

Care Gap Management

Managing gaps in care can be a challenge at the provider level. Patients at risk for a care gap must be identified and then engaged fully to make sure the gap is closed. Silverline’s Patient Engagement Center allows healthcare organizations to address health maintenance or gaps in care to improve the health of its patients and meet quality standards that impact revenue and patient retention.

Silverline’s Patient Engagement Center leverages HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) measures. This tool is used by more than 90 percent of America’s health plans and exists as a custom object-linked Care Gaps case record type, allowing the provider insight into where a care gap exists within a group of patients. From there, providers enroll the patient in a marketing campaign, complete a provider search, schedule an appointment and send a knowledge article all on Salesforce’s Health Cloud. The provider can choose a method to deliver a call to action: through an email campaign or a call center campaign. Learn more about Care Gap Management.

Oncology Navigation

A patient-centered approach is at the heart of Silverline’s point of view on oncology care. Our focus is to ensure no patient or caregiver navigates cancer and its treatment alone.

Silverline’s Patient Engagement Center drives the provider’s care through the Care Management Pathway on Health Cloud to ensure the entire healthcare team, patient and caregivers included, have the knowledge and tools they need to smoothly move a patient through their journey from suspected cancer through treatment and recovery, remission, or hospice. The Patient Engagement Center becomes a powerful player in a provider’s patient advocacy team. Learn more about Silverline’s solution for navigating Oncology with Health Cloud.

Healthcare Provider: Network Management and Referral Management

The foundation of patient navigation within a healthcare system or accountable care network is Provider Network Management.  It’s critical to define the unique specialties, services, and workflows for each provider or facility within your network and also providers that are out of network, but necessary for referral management.  Referral Management is a natural next step, once you have defined your provider network and serves to strengthen the network based on data and analytics.

Provider Network Management

The key to building a robust Provider Network Management system, accessible from one contact point instead of dozens of Google pages, is to build and maintain profiles that go beyond traditional credentialing data and put the patient and their journey first.

By making the build and maintenance the priority, Silverline ensures your patients and consumers navigate seamlessly through the system, referred in network and allowing all care team members to have a 360 view of patient’s journey.

Creating and defining your provider network is a critical first step in managing patients and navigating them within your healthcare system. By leveraging the Salesforce platform, Silverline offers an accelerator for Provider Network Management for its Patient Engagement Center solution.

Active Referral Management

Active Referral Management allows centralized referral management staff to manage both provider-driven and patient-driven referral process to ensure efficient and effective management of the referral lifecycle.

By leveraging the Salesforce platform, Silverline has created an active referral management accelerator for its Patient Engagement Center solution that allows organizations like yours to track in-network and out of network referrals, manage authorizations, search for the right provider or facility, and schedule the appointment. Learn more about Active Referral Management.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what this Patient Engagement Center can do for you and your healthcare organization. Interested in learning more? I’ll be available at Dreamforce. Reach out through our contact form to schedule a time to see a demo and find out how Patient Engagement Center can work for your organization.

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