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What is Vaccine Cloud and Why Do You Need It?

By 04.23.21 Covid-19 Vaccination administered by a black doctor at a drive-in medical facility
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We are undergoing the most extensive and complex distribution campaigns in modern history: the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. Something so complicated will undoubtedly bring challenges. With timing and accuracy of the utmost importance, an efficient vaccine management solution is required. 

That solution? Vaccine Cloud from Salesforce.

What is Vaccine Cloud?

Introduced in early 2021, this global cloud-based solution is designed to help organizations, workplaces, schools, and non-profits make data-driven decisions based on health status so they can open safely. 

In short, Vaccine Cloud helps businesses and organizations quickly scale vaccine operations. The solution features capabilities ranging from recipient registration and scheduling to inventory management and public health outreach. Salesforce built Vaccine Cloud on the concept that existing legacy systems were too built too simplistic to handle this epidemic.

Salesforce customers inspired Vaccine Cloud’s creation. As vaccine distribution became more and more likely, healthcare organizations and businesses turned to their CRM platform to fill a need. 

Vaccine Cloud is powered by Customer 360, built to deliver value regardless of where your organization is on your response journey. Customer 360 allows individuals access to tools and provides reporting to collaborate around the customer needs and foster a personalized experience.

In summary, Vaccine Cloud is a new technology that can help:

  • Mitigate short-term risks and stabilize operations
  • Plan and orchestrate a return to work
  • Accelerate change to grow to the new normal
  • Engage customers, partners, and suppliers at every point

Who needs Vaccine Cloud?

Vaccine Cloud is for governments, healthcare providers, and organizations to manage vaccine administration securely through Salesforce.

Vaccine Cloud - Government

Government Organizations

Vaccine campaigns can become complex, and government organizations need data and insights to run vaccine campaigns efficiently. Salesforce Vaccine Cloud can help government organizations to:

  • Secure and track vaccination rates
  • Provide visualization data
  • Monitor goals within their community
Vaccine Cloud - Healthcare

Healthcare Providers

Streamlining an effective vaccination process is vital to healthcare providers who are managing a large patient pool. Salesforce Vaccine Cloud allows providers to:

  • Organize efforts across multiple sites
  • Train and educate staff
  • Manage inventory
  • Track vaccine doses
  • Follow-up communication
  • Mass outreach and campaign support
  • Scale efforts without delay
Vaccine Cloud - Business

Business Organizations

In a world of “new normal,” business organizations need to evaluate and update their operating model. Organizations have to implement actions to safeguard not just their employees but customers in order to:

Non-profit organizations

Accuracy is essential in understanding how many vaccines are needed and where. Salesforce for Vaccines and Experience Cloud are able to integrate with Nonprofit Cloud to help seamlessly:

  • Manage critical information in a centralized cloud location
  • Access a single, secure portal for international organizations
  • Supply teams with vaccine requirements and access reporting
  • Update financial positioning in real-time

Vaccine Cloud implementation made simple

Government organizations, healthcare providers, and businesses of all kinds need an efficient, reliable, and thorough solution during this unprecedented time. 

Salesforce developed Vaccine Cloud to help organizations design, build, and manage programs at scale quickly on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. 

Vaccine Cloud is part of Salesforce’s COVID-19 response technology solutions, including vaccine inventory management, appointment scheduling, outcome monitoring, public health outreach, and more. 

This year, Silverline has implemented Vaccine Cloud for multiple enterprise health systems and continues to expand the solution to support further inventory management, patient engagement, and other immediate areas of need. 

“Silverline has developed a stand-alone, integration ready Vaccine Management Solution to support registration, administration, operations management, and patient communications for Vaccine immunization in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic,” said Matt Gretczko, Senior Vice President & GM, Healthcare Practice, Silverline. 

Learn more about our Healthcare practice and see how we can help your organization realize the benefits of a Salesforce Vaccine Cloud implementation.

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