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Silverline Supports Salesforce for Vaccines Launch

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On September 30, 2020, Salesforce announced for Vaccines. This extension of its application allows customers to design, build, integrate, and manage their vaccine programs end-to-end, with a platform that is trusted, flexible, and can be deployed quickly. 

According to Salesforce, “manufacturing, distributing and safely administering an effective COVID-19 vaccine to billions, safely and efficiently, will be one of the most complex and large-scale logistical challenges in human history.”

With this new solution, they hope to help decrease the amount of effort required to coordinate such a massive undertaking.

The benefits of for Vaccines for Vaccines provides a unified platform to help manage vaccine programs at scale. This platform will help enable governments and healthcare organizations to manage vaccine operations, from patient registration and scheduling to inventory management and public health outreach. Specific functionality will include:

  • Public Health Command Center
  • Vaccine Inventory Management
  • Vaccination Appointment Scheduling
  • Clinical Vaccine Administration
  • Vaccination Outcome Monitoring
  • Public Health Notifications

As the Pandemic continues, it’s clear that when a vaccine for COVID-19 is released, it will represent a monumental effort to distribute those vaccines quickly, at scale, and with the utmost safety and consideration for all populations and citizens of the world. 

“This solution provides government and healthcare organizations with the tools to manage this effort on a trusted, secure, and scalable platform by allowing for a singular public health dashboard, vaccine inventory management, appointment scheduling, vaccine administration, outcomes monitoring, and public health notifications across multiple channels.”

This portal will help customers schedule their vaccine administration appointments; it will help healthcare professionals track and verify availability and maintenance of adequate vaccine doses, as well as coordinate administering the vaccine to patients and their community at large. With for Vaccines, healthcare organizations will be able to monitor and quickly respond to help individuals following vaccination.

Implementing for Vaccines

Silverline partners with customers to leverage for contract tracing to keep their employees safe, and for Vaccines is seen as the next evolution — not just for this pandemic, but as the Healthcare industry continues to react to the new standards and approaches for care delivery.

Our team of Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Salesforce experts are ready to help you and your team navigate the nuances of and its newest extension. To learn more about how Silverline can help your organization get the most out of for Vaccines, reach out.

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