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Salesforce Vaccine Management

Administer COVID-19 vaccinations at scale

As COVID-19 vaccines become more readily available throughout the U.S., establishing a safe and effective vaccination program is paramount to ensuring that the entire population can receive the preventative treatment.


For the hospitals, health systems, and medical groups at the helm of these efforts, a proper form of vaccine management is an absolute must.

Silverline designed a solution standard to support registration, administration, and operation management for vaccine immunization in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Not every healthcare organization or government agency is equipped with the proper technology or infrastructure to handle the speed, scale, and intricacies involved in COVID-19 vaccine management programs, such as:

  • Patient self-service and administrative vaccine registration
  • Vaccine administration
  • Vaccine reaction observation
  • Patient immunization record management
  • Vaccine immunization reporting
  • Communications such as email and text

Silverline vaccine management is a stand-alone, managed packaged solution built on’s Health Cloud and Vaccine Cloud. Further, since we recognize the dynamic nature of vaccine distribution needs, we have also combined an ongoing support model for our customers that deploy the solution to allow them to adapt to evolving CDC, DOH, and other local and public health requirements.

Benefits of Silverline's Salesforce Vaccine Management Solution

What happens after Phase 1?

Once vaccines are administered to the greater population, there are also ongoing needs to expand the capabilities within healthcare organizations for ongoing support and integration with existing care capabilities. Silverline’s solution is built to support a variety of extensions that customer may currently, or in the future, need:

  • Authenticated community
  • Integration with EHR
  • Vaccination card generation
  • Patient demographic data cleansing
  • Full call center automation i.e. sophisticated Console, CTI, etc.
  • Patient billing (except for simple exports to EMR)
  • Site location vaccine inventory management
  • Vaccine supply chain management
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Why choose Silverline?

Silverline leverages insight acquired through thousands of engagements along with real-world expertise gained across the Healthcare industry, including: provider, payer, medical devices, and life sciences.

Our consultants come with first-hand knowledge and expertise acquired through thousands of implementations in the healthcare space.

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