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Communities for Financial Services

Financial Services


Stuart Tainsky, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Office at PURE Insurance recently presented at Dreamforce on how PURE is utilizing the Community Cloud. 

PURE Insurance makes a habit of transforming happy customers (PURE members) into long-term advocates. When their members demanded more insight into the claims process and the ability to take action into their own hands, PURE implemented Communities to build the desired member experience.

Want to hear the story firsthand? 

Dreamforce 2014 Highlights by the Numbers


Dreamforce 2014 exceeded all of our expectations. This was Silverline’s 4th year sponsoring the conference and it’s safe to say this was the best one yet! We had so much fun demoing our solutions, sharing our expertise, and meeting the Salesforce Community. As we get ready for next week’s Salesforce World Tour NYC, we take a look back at the highlights from Dreamforce:

#LegoMarc's First Dreamforce


Today, we’re excited to bring to you a guest post from our favorite VIP at Dreamforce, #LegoMarc. This was his first Dreamforce, and he asked if he could share some of his favorite memories with you, so who are we to deny him that opportunity? Take it away, #LegoMarc.

I couldn’t wait for my first Dreamforce. For months leading up to the event, it’s all I could think about. I knew there was a lot to do to prepare, but I don’t think I could have ever anticipated how much fun I would have. Many thanks to my friends at Silverline for inviting me along and for making me feel so at home with the podium they built for me.

Salesforce is now the “Customer Success Platform”



Yes, Salesforce continually rolls out new functionality and has a strategic business model that resulted in Forbes naming them the most innovative company four years in a row, but that is only part of the story. Salesforce also recognizes the value of branding, and this recent switch is strongly tied to its desire to move into additional industries.

This is why I am so excited.

Healthcare, like many industries, struggles to categorize Salesforce as anything more than a CRM system. The ability to get Healthcare organizations to buy into Salesforce requires a whole lot of convincing, such as why the Cloud, whether Salesforce is even a platform, and why Salesforce may be the right platform. If you are able to get through those obstacles, then you have the opportunity to explain the intricacies of a solution that could deliver on transforming Healthcare for a particular organization and reinforcing their vision.

A new brand was necessary to facilitate changing perceptions and to solidify Salesforce’s foothold in new markets.

Silverline Announces Platinum Sponsorship of Salesforce World Tour NYC

Silverline News


The Salesforce World Tour is making the rounds and the next stop is New York City! Silverline is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the conference which will be held at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on November 19, 2014.

Stop by our booth to discover how you can build a better business with Silverline. We’ll be demoing solutions for Salesforce CommunitiesHealthcare, and Financial Services, as well as our products, CalendarAnything, and The WaterCooler: A Social Intranet App. Come check out our Lego podium, a huge hit at Dreamforce, and enter for the chance to win a $300 experience with a Lego Master! 

How Cloud Computing Can Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

Salesforce News


Most people know that cloud computing exists, but do not have an understanding of the fundaments concepts that separate cloud computing versus traditional IT infrastructure, i.e., in house hosted. Gartner defines cloud computing as a “style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service using Internet technologies.”[1] In recent years enterprises have begun to transition from pricey, in house managed and hosted IT infrastructure to cloud based services.

Company’s leveraging the cloud are able to allow users to connect to remote IT infrastructure and access customized environments hosted via multi-tenant architecture with virtualized private environments without having to own or manage the hardware themselves – cloud service providers manage the physical devices and facilitate load balancing for the environments to accommodate bandwidth fluctuations. The Internet enables cloud computing to exist, without a connection to the Internet, offline capabilities are significantly limited and the user experience is diminished. With advances of virtualized environments, cloud offerings can have expanded to the following offerings:

Healthcare Semantics: Two Key Points to Stay Relevant



The notion that Healthcare is a mature industry, but still requires a lot of education in the technology space, was reinforced after returning from one of the largest technology conferences in the country – Dreamforce. There has been an immense focus within the Healthcare and Life Sciences space on cloud technology, yet despite improved adoption, it appears major barriers still exist.

One of of the main reasons? Let’s call it semantics.

Silverline Announces Silver Sponsorship of Dreamforce 2014

Silverline News

Silverline is proud to announce we are a Silver sponsor of’s Dreamforce 2014, the world’s largest software event. The conference will be held in San Francisco October 13-16, 2014. Silverline will be exhibiting in Moscone North, booth N2119, and the Financial Services Industry Expo in Moscone South, booth F13.

“Silverline is excited to sponsor Dreamforce for a fourth consecutive year,” says Gireesh Sonnad, Partner and co-founder at Silverline. “It is the perfect venue to showcase the breadth of our solutions. We look forward to showing organizations how we can build them a better business.”

Silverline has an amazing presence planned this year. Highlights include:

  • Booths and Demos – At our Main Booth in Moscone North and Financial Services Booth in Moscone South we will be demoing solutions for Salesforce Communities, Healthcare, and Financial Services, as well as our products, CalendarAnything, and The WaterCooler: A Social Intranet App
  • Giveaways – You could win a $500 experience with a Lego Master! Stop by our Main Booth to learn more. 
  • 2 Judges – Salesforce asked two members of our team to serve on the panel for the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon
  • 7+ Events – We’re sponsoring multiple happy hours and dinners. We hope you can join us!
  • 10 Sessions – Our team and clients will be sharing their expertise throughout the week. Add these sessions to your agenda.
  • 33 Attendees – The Silverline team will be on hand to discuss how we can help you build a better business. Click here to schedule a meeting.

To learn more about Silverline’s sponsorship of Dreamforce, click here


Marc Benioff, CEO of, stopped by our booth for a demo during Dreamforce 2012

How to get the most out of Dreamforce for Financial Services



Dreamforce is just days away! We’ve already covered tips from the experts to have a succesful Dreamforce, but now I’d like to take that a step further for Financial Services professionals. 

To get you going in the right direction, we’ve compiled a suggested itinerary of events that will help financial services professionals get the most out of Dreamforce. From sessions and speakers to partners and parties, here’s a list of stuff you can’t miss. Whatever industry you work in or role in your company, there’s a journey for you.

Top Sessions to attend:

Title: Financial Services Keynote Featuring Chris Skinner
Time: Wednesday, October 15 | 10:30am – 11:15am
Location: Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Plaza B

Title: Shifting from Policy to Policyholder
Time: Wednesday, 1:00PM-1:40PM
Location: Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Plaza B

Title: Wealth Management: Strategy & Showpiece Customers
Time: Wednesday, 2:00PM-2:40PM
Location: Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Grand Ballroom 

3 Steps Towards Preparing for a Provider Rating System



There has been a lot of dialogue lately regarding CMS’s potential expansion of a star rating system to providers. Not surprisingly, it is being rather heavily opposed. The difficulty with such a system whether a star, or any other indicator, is ensuring the rating actually measures what it is intended too. Further, does the rating actually add value to the audience, or audiences, in which it is intended to be consumed.

I’ve always been a big proponent of sharing lessons learned and best practices across industries and this may be another one of those times to learn from prior experiences.

Teachers don’t love ratings either.
The US education system recently went through a revamp with the implementation of common core standards (adopted by most states). These standards were established “to ensure that all students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life, regardless of where they live.”1 This adoption also seemed to trigger the formalization, or at least place a greater emphasis on Teacher ratings as well. Once again, like Providers, Teachers were not too fond of this new approach.

Two industries where the impact of a “good” or “bad” professional can have rather significant consequences on the consumer – a patient and a student (lets not debate the comparison). With Teachers, it is now being argued that the standards must go through a few cycles of implementation and that there is not a direct relationship between student progression and teacher ratings given the lack of coordination.

There are very few industries where we have successfully implemented a consumer facing rating system that is consistent and standard, yet appeases all parties involved.

Why is this the case?

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