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Webinar Recap: Agent Recruiting Retention Engagement

By 08.21.20
Reading time: 2 minutes

In this webinar, Silverliners Danielle Laffey and Amanda Somma discussed the largest overall business challenges Insurance carriers experience: hiring and developing effective producers. Effective recruiting and onboarding of producing agents, and reducing the time it takes for those agents to begin writing business, is critical for carriers to exert their market presence and blunt the impact of overall slower growth. 

Danielle and Amanda took a deep dive into the approaches below, sharing best practices including: what other innovative carriers are doing that you can use to improve your recruiting, onboarding, and engagement process. Those best practices include: 

  • Targeted Approach to Recruiting: There needs to be a multi-channel outreach strategy to engage and recruit agents. An appropriate attraction strategy must include social and mobile/SMS strategies to reach and engage key target resources.
  • Digital Application & Interview Process: Create a unified experience that flows from the first touch of an applicant to the hiring journey and into onboarding. Digitizing the process ensures it is streamlined and transparent for the candidate and carrier.
  • Interactive Onboarding Process: Make sure you’re not losing the critical information gathered in the interview process. Create an interactive onboarding journey using email and text to help walk the agent through steps to submit their first opportunity and begin independently writing business. 
  • Incentivize Producers to Sell: Make content and tools available to producers that help educate buyers about products as well as target messaging to overcome buyer objections, and even create emotional connections. 
  • Improving ROI on Agent Investments: Create an ongoing process dedicated to educating and coaching agents to ensure consistent engagement and productivity. The recommendation is to establish training and coaching tutorials throughout the sales journey to extend learning on products, services, and skills. 
  • Best Practices for Technology: Set up technologies that are easy to use, provide up-to-date information, and can be used from any device. Technology can be used for lead disbursement and visibility into commissions. Align leads distributed to the most effective agents based on multiple criteria, as well as analytics on cross/upsell opportunities and insight into commissions.

To learn more, watch the webinar recording here or for a deeper dive, download the ebook.

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