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CA LWC 1.110 Release NotesCategorized in Release Notes

Release Notes Version: 1.110
Release Date: 11 June, 2024

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Release Notes PDF

This update includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features & Improvements

New Features

  • Custom Buttons on Detail Popup.

CalendarAnything calendar configuration has been expanded to allow users additional customizations of the detail popup. The detail popup can now include custom buttons that will allow users to easily navigate to external URLs, start a flow, open a lightning component from the calendar, or navigate to a related record. 

  • Custom Tabs on Detail Popup.

The detail popup can now include custom tabs. Custom tab configuration is leveraging flows already created using Salesforce Flow Builder. Custom tab configuration form is accessed from Calendar Create and Edit wizard, Detail Popup step. Tab label and Flow API name is required. There is an option to pass variables to the flow in JSON format.









  • Enhanced Record Management with Salesforce Flows

Users can now create, edit, or delete records using the CalendarAnything UI by leveraging Salesforce Flows, in addition to the previously supported custom CalendarAnything create and edit forms and Salesforce functionality. This enhancement provides  more flexibility and automation, allowing users to streamline their workflow and improve productivity.

In the Advanced section of the Calendar Criteria step, select Flow in the Create Form field. Then, on the Create and Edit Popup step, define which flow should be used by providing the flow API name and variable names for start and end date/time input parameters. If flow is used to edit or delete records there are sections to specify which flow should be used.

  • Remember Last Detail Popup Position

New display setting “Remember Last Detail Popup Position” is added to Display and Layout settings. With this display setting checked, CalendarAnything will remember the last position or the detail popup and if the popup was resized, the app will remember the last selected size.


  • Caching improvements for iOS. Enhanced caching for information about selected calendars and the last selected view.

Bug Fixes

  • Horizontal scrolling doesn’t work in the ‘Day Grouping’ view if ‘Event Bar Display’ setting is set to All Day.
  • Calendar needs to be reloaded after the event was moved using Swimlane View.
  • Searching the filtered lookup field on custom create form returns an error.
  • Download as .ics from Day Grouping view doesn’t work.

Go to Release Notes PDF for full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

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