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Create a Social Intranet With Embedded Content Your Employees Will Love

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From sneakers to sandwich orders, we’re living in a world where anything can easily be customized to fit your wants and needs. The team at Silverline believes that business applications should be the same. That’s why we built our social intranet app, The WaterCooler, with customization top of mind.

Everyday I help The WaterCooler customers design an intranet to fit their business needs. The app has a Widget Library that helps admins easily create content. One of my favorite widgets is the Embedded Content Widget. Just like the name says, it allows you to embed content directly in The WaterCooler interface. Here are my top picks for embedded content your employees will love:

The Virtual Water Cooler


Busines colleagues talking around water cooler

Technology has a unique ability to replace the most classic items, even within the kitchen of your office. How many offices still maintain a standard coffee brewer? Not many I’m sure. It is not because the classic brewer (from entry level to gourmet) is inherently flawed; it’s because the Keurig and Nespresso’s of the world offer a compelling value statement. They have figured out how to completely transform a global, multi-billion dollar market through a unique delivery mechanism. The introduction of a pod based component to serve up tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a variety of other refreshments in an extremely short timeframe is not only more efficient, but offers tremendous flexibility in flavor options.

10 Ways Mobile Technology Revolutionized Wealth Management

Financial Services recently shared a top 10 list focusing on the how mobile technology has transformed the wealth management industry. The wealth management industry has been a late adopter to mobile technology, though this isn’t surprising given the stringent regulatory environment and privacy issues that govern the industry.

So what made the wealth management industry embrace mobile? Let’s take’s list a step further and dive into the technology behind it; here is my version of the 10 ways Salesforce and mobile technology has transformed the wealth management industry:

The Countdown to Dreamforce 2014 is On!




Virtually every business uses the Cloud in one way or another. Many companies are moving their entire business to the Cloud and are eager to learn more about the Cloud computing industry. Whether you’re already working in the Cloud or want to discover Cloud solutions that will improve the way you do business, Dreamforce 2014 is the place to be!

Dreamforce began in 2003 with 1,300 attendees and has flourished into the world’s largest technology conference with approximately 135,000 guests registered in 2013. Silverline had an amazing presence at Dreamforce 2013. Highlights include:

Silverline Helps Launch the First Salesforce Healthcare User Group


We are proud to announce Silverline is the official sponsor of the Salesforce Healthcare User Group! The group will kick off its inaugural meeting on August 21st click here to register to attend the event.

The purpose of the group is to facilitate collaboration and empower members of the Salesforce Healthcare Community. Future meetings will cover a variety of issues, including:

  • Implementation of portals and social intranets
  • Clinical provider scheduling
  • Health information networks
  • Online/offline assessments and forms
  • Integration to/from legacy data sources
  • Mobile apps
  • Quality and outcomes reporting
  • Wellness programs
  • Patient and provider customer service tools
  • And much more!

Informatica Cloud: Leverage Your Data for Competitive Advantage


Last month I was fortunate to represent Silverline at Informatica World 2014. Today’s leading-edge companies are moving their business to the Cloud and Informatica’s solutions ensure that your data is always accessible. When it comes to data in the Cloud Silverline is considered an expert, having completed over 55 Informatica Cloud integrations to date.

As a self proclaimed “data geek,” I was excited to hear about the new ways Informatica is empowering companies to manage their data. Whether you’re already working in the Cloud and need access to timely, relevant, trustworthy data, or considering moving your business to a Cloud application, here’s how Informatica can help you:

Silverline Supports Today's Youth with Big Brothers Big Sisters

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Silverline believes in advocating for children; they are the leaders of tomorrow. We are a proud to support the youth of greater Los Angeles through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. For nearly 60 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles (BBBSLA) has provided children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring relationships. Nearly 90% of the children they support are from poor or low income households and many come from a family where a parent is incarcerated. Participating in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program changes their lives for the better, forever.




Every news channel is covering the issues that were revealed at the VA – boil it all down, there appears to have been secret “wait-lists” that masked the amount of time Vets waited to receive care so that the numbers looked better. This has potentially led to deaths, misdiagnoses, and also truly ineffective care coordination. Terrible.


Financial Services

Press Release 

Silverline taps into the power of to help accelerate business transformation in the Wealth Management Industry

New York, NY – May 30, 2014 – Today, Silverline announced it has joined the Salesforce Fullforce initiative, empowering companies in Wealth Management to connect with their clients in a whole new way. Silverline’sFullforce certification for its Wealth Management Solution enables clients to tap into the power of social, mobile and connected cloud technologies to accelerate their success.

CalendarAnything: Popular Use Cases

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CalendarAnything is the most customizable calendar application for Salesforce. Our team at Silverline developed CalendarAnything as a real world solution to our clients’ needs. To date, over 85,000 Salesforce customers use CalendarAnything for a variety of business requirements.

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