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Charlotte MuleSoft Meetup Recap: The Power of Transformations

By 12.12.19
Reading time: 2 minutes

On Thursday, September 26th, I went to the Charlotte MuleSoft Meetup to hear thought leaders talk about how APIs transform data using an API-led strategy through the use of Mulesoft, DataWeave, and how to securely transform data using Run Time Fabric in the Cloud. This was the Carolina’s third meeting this year and the group’s leaders are excited to grow the quarterly events as MuleSoft’s architectural footprint expands. 

Mulesoft Meetup Recap: The Power of Transformations 1

Photo of attendees care of Meetup event page

With over 40 attendees, the event featured various presentations and a robust Q&A session. Of course, no Meetup is complete without pizza and adult beverages beforehand, which we all enjoyed at the GoodRoad CiderWorks, our host for the evening.

Charlotte MuleSoft Meetup lineup

  • First, Tim Hanline, President of Mule Learning, presented on MuleSoft API Led Strategy. As detailed in his summary below, he brought some good-natured humor to the room!

Mulesoft Meetup Recap: The Power of Transformations 2

  • Next, accomplished Technical Lead at AIG Satish Bhavanasi spoke about the Power of Transformation using DataWeave 2.0 by demonstrating how DataWeave can ingest different inputs and — using an online GUI — map data elements to specific output without programming in Java. 

Insight into the power of DataWeave

Insight into the power of DataWeave

  • The last presentation was especially impressive. Vasu Kumar Piduru, implemented a real-time demo of how to set up a RunTime environment with controller and worker nodes in an AWS environment. 

Mulesoft Meetup Recap: The Power of Transformations 3

While the configuration took place there was a light Q&A, which allowed for more detailed dives into the more nuanced pieces of the architecture.

Mulesoft Meetup Recap: The Power of Transformations 4

For more details, check out the presentation slide decks.


The meetup group gets together once per quarter and the organizers actively solicit feedback.


MuleSoft Meetup

Interested in joining the Carolina MuleSoft Meetup group? Please do! 


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