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Availability Scheduling’s Intersection feature enables you to fine-tune calendar timeslot display based on the number of resources that meet availability criteria. Assume, for example, that you must schedule a department meeting within the next four weeks. You would rather not have to send multiple proposed meeting times to see which dates work for everyone. Using the Intersection feature, you can configure the calendar to populate only the date and timeslot combinations for which all team members are available.

Configuring Intersection Mode

The General tab of the Create and Edit Availability Calendars wizard contains the Intersection Mode setting as shown in the image below.

The Intersection Mode setting determines which, if any, Intersection field options will be available on the calendar’s filter panel.

The chart below shows each Intersection Mode option and the counterpart Intersection options made available while the calendar is in view.

Comparison examples

This image shows examples of the one calendar date populated populated multiple ways based on the Intersection Mode setting and the selected Intersection calendar panel option.

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