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Customer 360 Audiences and Interaction Studio

Meet and exceed customer needs.

The secret to retaining your customers and attracting new ones?

But that’s easier said than done with data stored all over the place.

Understand your audience with Customer 360 Audiences and Interaction Studio

Over the years, marketers have gained insight into the many prospect and customer interactions with their brands. You may already have digital engagement programs and email sequences designed to do just that. You understand your customer and know why they choose you — and you’re relentlessly focused on the customer experience.

But the reality is that even though organizations capture data at all stages of the customer journey, that data continues to be siloed. Sales people sell, advertisers advertise, analyzers analyze. 

Now it’s time to broaden your reach and double down on engagement by connecting your data and building personalized customer experiences. Access more data, track website behavior, and build a comprehensive profile of your prospects so you can build a customer lifecycle that lasts.

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The Benefits of Customer 360 Audiences and Interaction Studio

  • Customer 360 Audiences

    Customer 360 Audiences

    Create and manage audience segmentation with a customer-centric data platform that connects various data sources all in one place. Customer 360 Audience helps you:

    • Know your customers
    • Segment your data
    • Personalize anywhere

  • Customer 360 - Interaction Studio

    Interaction Studio

    Structure your data model and pull in external sources so you know who is your ideal customer and who could be someday. Interaction Studio gives you:

    • Personalized insights
    • AI-driven optimization and testing
    • Cross-channel engagement

With Customer 360 Audiences and Interaction Studio, you can…

  • Unite data from sales, marketing, and service, including behavioral data from website and product interactions
  • Segment data for marketing, advertising, and personalization, across all channels
  • Manage consumer and data consent through governance tools built right into the platform
  • Analyze engagement data across channels to better understand and predict your customers needs
Reporting and Calculations

Real-time personalization

With Customer 360 Audiences, integrated with Interaction studio, unlock real-time personalization your customers demand. Whenever someone arrives on your website, engage them right away with content that resonates with them based on:

  • Demographics
  • Behavior
  • Purchase History
  • And more
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Use data to create a better website experience

Personalized web experiences are just the beginning. Once you have your CRM and marketing programs in place, a connected Salesforce experience helps you understand the customer lifecycle and gives you a roadmap for building the right customer journeys.

You’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • How many times have they been into your local branch or office?
  • How many times have they come to your website? Which pages did they visit?
  • What articles did they read or content did they download?

Keeping an eye toward industry

  • Doctor and Patient


    Help patients lead healthier lives

    When a patient engages with a provider, medical device company, or payer, they’re probably not at their best. With so many disparate services available, personalized and relevant information helps close gaps in care and provide a better patient experience — one that helps them get and stay well.

  • Team Meeting and Review

    Financial Services

    Help customers make sound decisions

    Financial planning, wealth management, and insurance can be intimidating for the average customer. Make their lives easier by giving them the information they need, when they need it — whether they’re looking to buy their first home or are filing a claim.

Build a better customer experience with Silverline

At Silverline, our industry experts in healthcare and financial services have spent 10+ years understanding the ins and outs of Salesforce. We know exactly how to create the right kind of customer experience for your team — and the type of data and personalization it takes to get there. We’re here to help with integrations, setup, migrations, and more.

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