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Patient Scheduling Software

Simplify your scheduling strategy.

Despite the evolution of healthcare technology and applications, the scheduling workflow and the associated needs continues to be a challenge for all Healthcare organizations, whether hospitals, medical practices, clinics, behavioral health, medical device companies, or speciality providers.


The likelihood and expectation from patients is that they are able to schedule their own healthcare visits using a variety of tools, including directly on the organization’s website, a dedicated app or mobile experience, via email, phone call, or even through a text interaction. Scheduling is one of the many requirements that patients, members, and other stakeholders involved in the delivery of care expect to occur through a robust digital experience. Even more significant, is it is often the first interaction a patient has with a provider so it is important the first impression is seamless, positive, and interactive.

Scheduling challenges

Silverline works with many different types of Healthcare organizations, but below are the common challenges related to medical appointment scheduling software:

  • Lack of self-service capabilities
  • Inconsistent experience/branding
  • Disparity in scheduling applications within departments
  • Archaic mobile interactions
  • No enterprise system of record for key data elements such as provider, patient, etc.
  • Misalignment between scheduling, directories, and workflow
  • Ineffective historical and contextual information related to interactions
  • Missing or lagging integration with clinical, practice management, or other data sources
  • Disconnected and often paper-based intake, administration, and assessment procedures
  • Complex rules around physician scheduling preferences and protocols
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A patient-centric solution

To help providers stay at the forefront of this strategy, Silverline constantly evaluates our customer’s needs to determine the right approach. In doing so, Silverline combines the power of Salesforce capabilities, third party apps, and our own assets and accelerators to deliver robust scheduling solutions that solve the above challenges. 

This includes, evaluating customer’s existing technology infrastructure, current and future needs, as well as any ongoing acquisitions or service extensions that may lead to consolidation of approaches.

Benefits of patient scheduling software

Scheduling appointments, whether clinical or preventative, can be a challenge for all types of healthcare organizations — whether providers, payers, or even medical device companies.

See it in action

See how we’ve leveraged Salesforce’s Health Cloud to deliver a patient scheduling solution.
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Patient scheduling software is just the beginning

The foundation for patient engagement begins with an agent workflow-centric access or contact center, and a 360° view of the patient. Scheduling is just one component of an effective patient access center that prioritizes the patient experience. 

Silverline has worked with many providers over the years to guide them through their digital transformation. Learn more about what that means by downloading our provider roadmap. Pinpoint where you are in the provider journey and let us know what we can help you do next.

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