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Making the Employee-Employer Relationship a Partnership (Feat. Brad Rice)

Talent Stacker Founder Brad Rice is an absolute geyser of valuable insights for organizations trying to hire top Salesforce talent in a fiercely competitive labor market. In today’s episode, Brad talks about his passion for enabling motivated career transitioners to start a new path on the right footing, and points out the mistakes companies make that limit themselves from hiring the talent they seek. Plus: How Brad’s 6-year-old has already learned CRM basics via a home farm egg business. 🐔

Episode 20 Highlights

How Brad’s experience working with over 200 organizations in a span of 10 years gave him a kaleidoscope of perspectives into CRMs and best practices for adoption.

Brad’s advice for companies seeking to hire or grow Salesforce talent: don’t look to a candidate’s past to determine what they’re capable of in the future. Some of Talent Stacker’s most successful graduates came from industry backgrounds far removed from traditional sales or consultancy careers.

It is possible to *gasp* put too much stock in Salesforce certifications? Absolutely! Brad talks about why more isn’t always better.

Hosts and Guests

  • JP Owens

    Managing Director, Banking and Lending, Silverline

    JP Owens partners with banks and credit unions to help them identify new ways to leverage technology solutions that drive transformation, growth, and measurable ROI. JP formerly served as the Director of Digital Product Experience at First Financial Bank, where he led multiple functional teams within the Digital organization and was responsible for vision, delivery, and execution across Digital channels.

  • Elliott Spence

    Principal Consultant, Silverline

    Elliott Spence is a Solution Architect at Silverline with eight years of experience designing and implementing Salesforce Solutions. Prior to Silverline, Elliott was a Senior Digital Product manager with First Financial Bank, where he grew the Salesforce practice to over 1,600 users and led the Salesforce implementations to Marketing, Customer Service, Retail Bank, and Mortgage. 

  • Brad Rice

    Founder, Talent Stacker

    Brad Rice is the Founder of Talent Stacker and has worked in the Salesforce Ecosystem for over 10 years. He has been a Senior Internal Administrator and a Senior Solution Architect with large consulting firms and has run his own independent consultancy for over 5 years. He now he splits his time between Salesforce freelancing and helping freshers/beginners get results faster and more effectively.

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