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Motivation and Collaboration Through Team Wellness!

By 06.15.17
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A work-life balance is extremely important to Silverliners and their overall well-being. At Silverline, when you are interested in helping your peers and starting an initiative to improve the wellness of the team, you are met with open arms. We are a collaborative group who looks out for one another and has the support and dedication of those leading our teams. From yoga to standing desks and office meditation, at Silverline, if you’re interested in helping those around you, you’re empowered to help make change.Motivation and Collaboration Through Team Wellness! 1

Just under 3 years ago, Silverline began offering free yoga classes to all employees. In office! Our remote employees were also given the opportunity to dial in and participate along in their homes. We now offer classes every Tuesday evening and Thursday morning. We even sometimes get a visit from a furry friend who surely knows the definition of down dog.

Motivation and Collaboration Through Team Wellness! 2At the request of employees, we were given the opportunity to have standing desks! All employees in our office have the ability to turn their personal desks into a modified standing desk or they can use one of the desks offered at the front of the office. The desks are fully equipped so employees can take calls, get work done, stretch their legs and get a great view of Union Square Park!

Work can be demanding at times and get overwhelming. Taking just 10 minutes out of your busy day to gather yourself and meditate can help you be more productive. We started a SilverlineSits group about 6 months ago, where anyone who would like to, can come together for a 10-15 minute meditation session. Those who take part, follow along with a pre-recorded session to help guide their meditation. Many employees have extended this into their everyday schedule and have found it extremely helpful!

Each year we have a Health Week, where we can get flu shots, listen to advice from nutritionists, try different healthy snacks (which most make their way into the office full time), meet with an acupuncturist and much more. These free services allow employees the chance to try different things to add to their healthy lifestyle and chat with professionals.  

This kind of corporate wellness support has given employees the motivation to get out and do things we enjoy together. Myself and my coworkers have started running and challenging ourselves. Most recently, 6 of us ran the AirBnB Brooklyn Half together and were cheered on by other members of our team. We even have a competitive fitbit group!

We do a lot to support each other and we are a welcoming bunch! Check out our careers page to learn more about the opportunities available to join our growing team!

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