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Author: Chelsea A. Peterson

What I Learned at the 2019 WITness Success Conference


Did you know that you are a superhero? No, you weren’t aware of that? Well… You are! We all are. And we should lean into that and tap into our potential to make ourselves, our teams, our clients, and the world we live in the best they can be.  That’s what I learned at the 2019 WITness Success conference a couple of weeks ago. Hosted by Salesforce Women in Tech, #WITconf2019 was held in Nashville,…
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Beyond STEM: Redefining What it Means to be a Woman in Tech

Around the Office

Throughout my career, I’ve held many different titles encompassing many different industries and specialties. I have a very dynamic background – I can do a wide array of things with the many skills I’ve honed over the years. A storyteller by nature, I use both written and spoken word to form relationships wherever I go, both personally and professionally. I like to joke that I finally have “the confidence of a white man,” because I’ve…
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