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Allocate Resources with CalendarAnything and Salesforce Communities

By 05.01.18
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Did you know CalendarAnything works in Salesforce Communities? This is a great way to allocate resources between employees, customers, and partners because CalendarAnything allows you to see any of your Salesforce records on an actionable calendar through a date/time field. One of our clients, a wedding photography company, is doing exactly that!

Its portfolio of photographers log into CalendarAnything via their Community to access information about photoshoot events, time, and expenses. They can block time that they are available to work and see events that are scheduled on their calendar all on one screen.

Allocate Resources with CalendarAnything and Salesforce Communities 1

CalendarAnything allows you to differentiate your Salesforce data by filtering, color-coding, and grouping of any field off of a standard or custom object making it much easier to visualize all of your Salesforce data. It is also the most customizable calendar on the AppExchange!

You can setup CalendarAnything in your Community today! Simply follow these steps available through our Knowledge Base to configure a seamless calendar. You can also contact us to see a demo and our AppExchange Account Executive will answer any questions you have.

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