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Webinar Recap: Salesforce User Adoption Best Practices for the Insurance Industry

By 03.25.20
Reading time: 2 minutes

Outside of my work with Silverline, I run the Trailblazer Insurance Community group for Salesforce. I recently had the privilege of hosting Dreamforce speakers Yves Stewart and Skye Tyler at the Salesforce for Insurance Trailblazer Community group meeting to talk about User Adoption. During the Dreamforce ‘19 Circle of Success for Insurance session, we asked the group what specific topics they want to hear about in 2020 in our community group. User adoption best practices was at the top of the list for almost everyone in the room. 

Coaching vs. training

Many people believe that increasing user adoption equals more training. If you train the user to use the system the way you designed it, then they’ll do it. Wrong! If you review last week’s recording, you’ll learn that one week after you have trained the user, they will retain only 10% of what they learned — and the other 90% will have vanished into thin air. 

Yves and Skye take you through what the difference is between doing a Salesforce training and coaching the users to success. They by no means say that you should not be training. There is a time and place for it. But they walk you through how coaching techniques increase user adoption, change behaviors and in the end directly impacts meeting a company’s goals and objectives. 

Salesforce user adoption best practices

While they presented to the insurance community in this particular setting, the topic spans all industries and Salesforce clouds. If you have 30 minutes to watch the presentation recording, I promise you’ll take away something new. 

Webinar Recap: Salesforce User Adoption Best Practices for the Insurance Industry 1

See the full webinar here or click the image above.

There are over 1,000 trailblazers coming together to discuss Salesforce topics in the Insurance Trailblazer Community group. You can also find previous recordings and resources like Yves and Skyes presentation deck so you can spread the knowledge. If you are interested in joining, we’d love to have you.


And don’t forget to check out Silverline’s page highlighting our insurance expertise.

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