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Introducing the Next-Generation Solution for Meeting Notes in Salesforce

By 03.16.15
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Feeling limited by native Salesforce activities? You’re not alone! So many of our Investment Banking clients have emphasized how important it is to track their relationships by taking good meeting notes – and how hard it is to do so in Salesforce. Silverline has built a Meeting Notes solution that overcomes these native Salesforce limitations and allows bankers to enter critical information about their calls and meetings from their desktop, phone, or tablet.

Join us for a live webinar and learn how you can enable your bankers to save time, to increase collaboration and awareness across industry groups, and improve relationships with your clients and capital providers. With Silverline’s Meeting Notes you can:

  • Enable your deal teams to secure engagement letters and close projects more efficiently by servicing your prospects and clients better than ever before.
  • Manage every touch point in your financial sponsor and client relationships, delivering highly personalized services across existing and new channels.
  • Increase engagement and collaboration before and after the mandate, and throughout your deal lifecycle.

Register for the webinar to see Meeting Notes in action.

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