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Meet the Digital Imperative with an AI-Powered Platform

By 07.10.20
Reading time: 2 minutes

Next week on July 15th, Salesforce will be hosting their first-ever “Learn AI with Salesforce” event with keynotes from Chief Scientist Richard Socher and many other AI and machine learning product leaders from their Einstein development teams. If you’re interested in attending, you can register via this link. 

As one of the inaugural members of Salesforce’s Einstein Champions group, I’m especially excited for the event. I will be helping moderate the discussion during the 4pm PST session, so bring your toughest questions! But why such excitement? This past year, I’ve been working with our clients to educate and mentor on the capabilities of the Einstein platform. What I’ve learned is this: most people are very eager to get started with AI projects, but it can be difficult to know where to get started.

AI use case template

Our team at Silverline took cues from great Design Thinking concepts to create a persona-led, business-driven approach that helps Salesforce administrators and first-time AI experimenters plan for their first foray into Einstein. If you’d like to read more about how we have been helping clients, please read our recent interview with Stonebriar Commercial Finance CTO Steve Siler or watch the webinar we hosted together. We shared great use cases for AI and dove deep into one that’s especially pertinent during this volatile time: predicting invoice payment and cash flow.

This experiment design approach has helped us create a library of common Financial Services AI use cases so we can help clients understand how to get started. Getting started is the first step to success so you can learn and create your own AI feedback loop.

We are excited to help clients get started on their journey; please join us next week and reach out if you’d like to discuss your AI program with one of our experts!

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