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A Milestone for Financial Services at Dreamforce

By 10.21.16
Reading time: 2 minutes

Dreamforce this year was a blast! The Financial Services industry has an incredible opportunity to advance with the innovation the Salesforce platform offers. I learned so much that I want to share with you especially how Financial Services is getting even smarter on the Salesforce platform.

Einstein is Revolutionizing Financial Services

Dreamforce talked a lot about the Age of the Customer. It’s not necessarily all about your top customers anymore, you need to give that same experience to all customers today because if you don’t provide that personalization someone else will. You need to get smarter about your customers, the ones you already have a ton of information on: payments, transactions, online posts, and other data. By listening and analyzing that data you can have a stronger connection with your customer experience. With a data scientist on your side, Einstein can make the complex more simple by delivering intelligence directly in the platform. Dreamforce touched upon four ways this will help your organization:

  1. Discover connections you may not have known were there to deepen existing relationships in your organization. With the data you already have, you can make better decisions without having to drill through information on your own.
  2. Predict when a client is ready to buy based on customer scores from Marketing and other relevant data. The information is already there, the platform will now connect the dots for you.
  3. Recommend the next best action by having a personal coach lending a helping hand. It doesn’t stop at predicting, the platform takes it one step further to tell you exactly what may be next for the customer.
  4. Automate routine tasks to make your time more manageable so you can spend more time working with your clients. This is huge, no more repetitive point and click to manually setup tasks, the platform knows what you’re going to do and does it for you.

My favorite feature is the idea of predicting a customer’s next move. We already know so much about our customers and the ability to compare their data to the data derived from their peers to predict what might be next for them is revolutionary. It also helps you stay ahead of the customer and make their journey easier to understand by knowing what questions they may ask and guide them. Whether you’re in Wealth Management, Private Equity, Insurance, Asset Management, Real Estate, Banking, or Investment Banking, this will have an enormous impact on your business process and how you interact with customers.

We also gave some killer live demos at our booth, I suggest watching the Insurance Community Portal and Master Data Migration (MDM) for Financial Services demos, you can find them all here.

Contact us today to learn more about Einstein how we can help your financial institution spark innovation.

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