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Webinar Recap: Rethinking Your Event Strategy for Digital Conferences & Client Engagement

By 05.22.20
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Face-to-face events have historically been one of the most important drivers of deal-making. But 2020 has seen more than 75% in-person conferences canceled or postponed due to disruption from COVID-19. In April, IR Magazine published a case study about Citi.

  • In 2016, the Corporate Access team organized 4,000 virtual meetings.
  • In 2017, that figure grew to 10,000.
  • In 2018, it was 17,000 and last year it nearly doubled again to 30,000.

“With the outbreak of COVID-19, Citi had to make its corporate access schedule fully virtual up to the end of June, a period that included 23 already planned investment conferences. ‘Every conference, every roadshow, every trip, every event – we changed to virtual. And that was globally,’ (Michael) O’Connor said.”

Banking and corporate access professionals forced to rethink their approach and turn to digital events.

Recently, Silverline’s Jill Harrison hosted a lively panel discussion on how investment banks, private equity firms, and other capital markets organizations are shifting their thought leadership online, driving attendance to digital events, and using smart tools to measure client engagement and interest. The panel below discussed: what are the risks and rewards of holding events online? Can information be securely shared and relationships effectively built on an all-digital platform?

  • Doug Christensen, EVP, Strategy, Tier1
  • Jennifer Langieri, Sr. Manager, Corporate Access, Fidelity
  • Michael McCarthy, VP of External Research, Fidelity
  • Simon Edwards, Head, Business Development, BlueMatrix
  • Victoria Dyadyukh, Director, Capital Markets, Silverline

Watch the on-demand webinar now to learn more and check out Silverline’s upcoming webinars here.

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