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Dreamforce Highlights for Healthcare

By 10.19.16
Reading time: 2 minutes

If your week at Dreamforce was anything like mine, I hope you have found time to recharge your wellbeing and digest all the new innovations that were announced during the week. We are lucky in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry because our goals are all aligned across each sub-industry: the health of our patients. As the industry moves forward, I don’t want you to be left behind so I’ve compiled a handful of the highlights that I thought were most important.

Health Cloud continues to evolve as an industry-specific application that seeks to maximize the impact of patient relationships, rather than treating patients as just records.  It aims to help drive proactive and coordinated care, while also serving as an engagement layer for a host of information/data coming from external systems. Some of the most relevant announcements from Dreamforce that are worth noting, include:

Branded Mobile Application

Many healthcare organizations need to operate in a mobile environment as their services, workforce, and offerings expand. There is now the ability for organizations to rename Salesforce1 with their own name to further promote their brand in the marketplace and create a seamless experience.

Health Cloud

Winter ‘17 Release – Coming up in the new release of Salesforce, there are a number of improvements to the application, including the ability to create care plan templates and easier access to Patient Records. You can see the full detail in Salesforce’s Release Notes.

Einstein and Healthcare

Big caveat, there is a lot more risk with “predictive analytics” in Healthcare than many other industries. However, we are seeing that the trend across all platforms is to leverage AI and predictive technologies to better inform activities, decisions, and workflow. As this capability evolves, it will be interesting to see how it informs various processes being managed on Salesforce in the Healthcare Industry.

Lightning Bolt

Finally, Salesforce also announced Lightning Bolt, which allows you to create templates in Communities that come packaged with objects, workflow, and other components to make it a fully functioning Solution.

At Dreamforce, Silverline announced our new Lightning Bolt Template ScheduleMe.Health. It enables patients to schedule appointments, fill out electronic forms, and allows for automatic community registration, capturing all patient and scheduling information at one time. It is a customizable solution that improves the interaction a patient has with Providers by simplifying scheduling on their patient journey. Click here if you are interested in seeing a recorded demo of ScheduleMe.Health.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization find new opportunities to improve your relationship with patients.

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