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Highlights and Insights from our Healthcare Team at Dreamforce

By 11.21.17
Reading time: 3 minutes

Dreamforce is over – so many people, so many stories, and so many things to learn. It never gets old, quite the opposite, but still remains a very tiring week! As the leader of Silverline’s Healthcare Practice, it is incredibly rewarding to see the extent to which Healthcare has now become such a focus of the week. Whereas years ago it was difficult to find any Healthcare organizations considering Salesforce, now there is a dedicated “HLS Lounge” and we are excited to have teams at our own customers participating and speaking during the week – Adventist Health System and Kite Pharmaceutical being two of those.

My biggest takeaways from the Healthcare and Life Science Track that I heard throughout the week were:

  1. CRM is no longer a consideration in Healthcare. It’s a necessity for those seeking to compete and push the boundaries of innovation. How and where it is used can certainly differ between organizations.
  2. Regardless of what sub-segment within the industry you operate, the need to refocus on the experience, needs, and desires of the “consumer” must be part of your organization’s go to market strategy.
  3. Digital Transformation – this is a big bucket and means a lot of things, but leveraging all of the latest and greatest technology not just to drive consumer engagement, but to evolve the way in which disparate data and information is consolidated, presented, and informs the delivery of services.
  4. Health Cloud – the evolution of Salesforce’s push into vertically aligned solution continues to mature, both from a capability perspective, but also from customer use cases and creativity.

If you navigate through all of the success stories and messaging of the week, what should become incredibly apparent is that Healthcare is undergoing a monumental transformation. We have pushed past massive EHR investments and organizations are now focusing in other areas, which surprisingly, mimic the same business imperatives outside the industry as well – engagement, customer service, growth, digital, and brand loyalty, to name a few. I can’t tell you how many customers have suggested to me that they want to operate “more like retail”, “more like hospitality”. How do we become leading-edge? This is exciting because it means we can reinforce consumer driven Healthcare and fee for value but under the pretense of true innovation. Five years ago, did you think a “Chief Innovation Officer” would exist in a Health System?

Now, for those that went to Dreamforce for your first time, or maybe you are just trying to replace spreadsheets and paper with a system, all of this “innovation”, “transformation”, “clouds” may seem overwhelming. It’s fair, but right size it for your needs. The stories you see and hear are not meant to tell you what, how, and where you should be doing things. Instead, it should be seen as a guidepost of what’s possible. For your organization, it’s important to establish your own roadmap and vision for the platform that aligns with your organization’s goal, timeframes, and current approach. Rely on organizations like Silverline to help you establish that roadmap, which can be phased out over time and focused on specific areas of influence.

  • In case you missed it, during the week Silverline also announced that we have a new Nurse Triage Application fully embedded in our accelerator Transform: Patient Contact Center.
  • If you missed the HLS Keynote, you can see Click here to view the entire Healthcare and Life Sciences Keynote with a panel discussion on challenges and solutions with the Salesforce platform including Brian LeClaire, Senior Vice President & CIO at Humana; Ken Grady, CIO at IDEXX; Nareda Mills, SVP & President at Ashfield; and Kash Patel, Vice President, IT Department at Mount Sinai Health System.

Need a starting place?  Take a look at our new eBook around the Provider Roadmap for Success. Download Silverline’s new eBook . It includes various areas of focus including Provider Relationship Management, Consumer & Patient Engagement, Ambulatory Care Coordination, Transitions in Care, and Specialty Care Coordination. If you have any questions or would like to start a conversation, comment below.

We also got a pretty cool shout-out about Salesforce’s Unparalleled Ecosystem!

Highlights and Insights from our Healthcare Team at Dreamforce 1

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