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Seizing the Opportunity for Transformative Change in Healthcare

By 08.12.14
Reading time: 2 minutes

As individuals, we all have that issue, topic, or subject that truly drives us. In most instances, this is an item unrelated to your career and thus requires the unique balance of one’s professional and personal life. However, if you are lucky enough to operate in an environment where these interests align, it tends to breed an escalated passion.

The Healthcare industry is seeing an infusion of people that have this escalated passion. Couple this passion with innovative platforms and applications, and the opportunity to deliver truly transformative change can be realized. This fundamentally alters the way that healthcare is delivered in the United States, from administration and delivery, to prevention and education.

Technology plays a large part in facilitating this change.

The passionate pursuit of new technology.

If you think back to the most significant technology advancements over the course of history, it is very difficult to find instances where v1.0 is better than v2.0 – new versions tend to make old ones obsolete and eliminate the inherent flaws that previously existed.

Enter cloud. Although cloud technology is relatively new within the Healthcare arena, its penetration is inevitable. Organizations should be appropriately vigilant of the right deployment and service models, yet must also disregard inaccurate misconceptions (i.e. lack of security) and recognize the value of adopting cloud sooner than later. Waiting until its “perfect” or the “best” version will almost guarantee that your organization will not appropriately compete with other leading edge organizations.

Cloud is making other technologies obsolete, which is not a bad thing.

Cloud has matured to a point where it is far from the “risky” v1.0 and is firmly supplanting other infrastructure models. Further, Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security for GoogleApps, gives additional perspective: “The cloud is not an all or nothing strategy”. Transitioning components of your technology infrastructure to the cloud can create tangible efficiencies while maintaining the appropriate level of control and internal infrastructure that your organization desires.

In order to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered, organizations must adopt technology that is capable of driving transformative change. initially, the change and adoption curve may be steep.

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