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Top 5 Health Cloud Features of Salesforce’s Latest Release: Summer ‘16

By 06.08.16
Reading time: 2 minutes


The Summer ‘16 Salesforce release has several widely anticipated features for the Salesforce Health Cloud. Did you know this is Salesforce’s 50th release? These features enhance existing orgs and may drastically improve your experience. For new orgs, Health Cloud is available in Salesforce Classic, Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited Editions.  

  1. Associate a Contact with Multiple Accounts

Finally! In Healthcare, there is often a need for one physician to be associated with multiple site locations. Now, out-of-the-box Salesforce can accommodate this need without having to create a joiner object! Contacts to multiple accounts gives two related lists. On the contact record, the related account list includes one directly related account and all the indirectly related accounts (this can be used for primary location and secondary locations where a physician practices). On the account record, the related contact list includes the direct and indirect contacts. All of the relationships can be modified.

  1.  Salesforce Shield

The Health Cloud now supports Salesforce Shield which enhances security.

  • Event Monitoring allows user’s actions to be visible, which can allow security teams to quickly identify and track malicious use.
  • Platform Encryption protects data at rest while preserving functionality like search, workflow, and validation rules.
  • Field Audit Trail allows you to know the state and value of your data at any moment. Each one of these features is available with a separate licensing plan.

Additionally, this add-on allows apps installed in Salesforce to be HIPAA compliant.

  1. Expanded Languages

The healthcare industry operates worldwide and with a diverse workforce, the summer release now supports an additional six languages via the Translation Workbench. The languages include Dutch, English (UK), French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and Spanish (Mexico).

  1. Easier Way to Create Patient Lists

Improvements to user experience are always appreciated. Prior to this release, the wizard for creating patient lists wasn’t the most user-friendly aspect of the platform. As an enhancement, users can add filter criteria via a lookup where the user only needs to type the first few letters or by field type.  This enhancement makes creating patient lists super quick and easy.

  1. Additional Fields

To increase consistency while tracking medical records through the patient journey, an  additional field called MedicalRecordNumber__c was added to Account, Contact, EhrPatient__c, and CandidatePatient__c Objects, replacing the SourceSystemID. This makes it easier to look up the information you need and improves tracking for your users.

These new features for the Summer ‘16 in the Health Cloud will continue to make the platform more user friendly in order to give health care users the best possible experience for enhancing patient care. I hope you enjoy the updates! Click here for a list of key dates for the Salesforce Summer ’16 release.

In the NYC area and want to learn more about the Summer ‘16 Release? On Thursday, June 16 at 6:00pm, we will have special guest, Shawna Wolverton, VP of Product, Lightning Platform at Salesforce and she will be taking the group through the Summer Release as well as giving us some Roadmap sneak peaks for Lightning! RSVP for the event.

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